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Leasing Office Space

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Genet Group

Are you planning on expanding your business and looking for a bigger space for your office or company?

Finding an area that supports your team and allows your business to grow and thrive, is not an easy task, but with the help of Genet Property Group, anything is possible. You’ll need to consider several factors before leasing office space, so keep these pointers in mind, and you’ll get along just fine.

1.    Location

– Finalize the place where you want your working space. Ideally, your office should be located at a convenient location that’s easy for your clients, employees, and partners to commute to on a frequent basis. Additionally, the selected area should have access to sufficient security, parking spaces, and food options. Furthermore, make sure your surroundings adequately portray professionalism and have access to public transport, if needed by employees.

2.    Facilities and Resources

– Make sure your office space has sufficient facilities to carry out your official activities efficiently like a good internet connection, multifunctional areas like conference, training and meeting rooms.

Moreover, employees generally prefer to work in those places which provide numerous amenities to offer either inside the office premises or someplace close by. These amenities can include restaurants, parking space, high-speed internet connection, a gym, kitchen, cafes, and other areas. These could also benefit you when you want to conduct a meeting session outside the office.

3.    Infrastructure

– In today's’ digital age, there is the utmost need for reliable and high-speed internet connection, landlines, and postal service facilities to get in touch with your partners and clients. Before leasing office space, make sure you’re getting all these connectivity facilities. Other things to consider are high-quality cabling, fax and photocopy machines, air-conditioned rooms and a refreshing office design with furniture and décor that portrays an official look and reputation of your office space.

4.    Security

– It is highly relevant to choose an office space that is under some surveillance and has proper security arrangements. Make sure your office space has deployed one or two security guards or law enforcement officers to monitor any illegal activity surrounding the building. Keep in mind, you and your team will be spending a big part of the day at the office space, so make sure the vicinity is a secure and safe place.

5.    Price

– The cost is probably the most important factor you consider while choosing new office space. An affordable area can help you save the right amount of money that you can spend on other activities like hiring a new employee or buying new equipment. Check the local market rates for similar properties and then make a final decision on which will work best for you.

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