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Online Reviews

Posted on June 06, 2018 by Genet Group

Any good online shopper knows the value of the product review section. It’s one of the benefits of being able to buy and sell things online versus in person—when you’re online, you potentially have access to hundreds of other people who have already bought the thing you want. In person? You’ve have to put it all on faith. That new sprinkler system you purchased at The Home Depot to spruce up your property’s curb appeal? On the box it says “Guarunteed to work!” and “Strongest pipes in the business!” That same item on Amazon? Peggy A. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin wrote a review that says the hose erodes after a week’s use. Gerald B. in Austin, Texas says he opened the box and it was missing a few parts. Two stars out of five. It’s easy to see the value in taking stock of other peoples’ stories and opinions before you write a check for the thing. So why should it be any different when you’re looking to lease a property?


That’s right—though you might not have realized it, property management companies and the properties they lease out are often extensively reviewed by past and current lessees. Websites like Yelp and Google Reviews aren’t just for restaurants. They allow anyone to share their experiences good or bad with buildings and facilities and offices. So, always make sure to do a little digging online before you even consider signing a lease. It can mean the difference between a One Star and a Five Star experience.


It’s also helpful to solicit in-person reviews. If you are in contact with the current tenants of a space that will soon be free, schedule a meeting with them to hear their thoughts. At the very least you can discover how management works and issues you might want to look out for if you decide to move in.