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Teaming Up

Posted on May 05, 2018 by Genet Group

Not everyone can afford the luxury of leasing a place all on their own. Especially with the high cost of real estate in many urban areas, young adults are living together as roommates more and more often. They’re also continuing to do so later into life. Even in business situations—say when you’re starting a venture with a partner—it’s common to co-sign on an office property lease with your entrepreneurial other half.


Some of us like the company of a roommate or cosigner. But some of us dream of an apartment all to ourselves. You know, a spot where you can (just for example) walk around in your underwear without fear of anyone bursting in on you. But for the time you have to do so, maintaining a proper relationship with a roommate or cosigner is key to keeping your shared space stress free.


What’s the number one tip for building a successful roommate relationship? Same as a real-deal lovey-dovey relationship: Communication. One of the biggest barriers to that? It’s incredibly easy to use passive aggression to deal with disagreements or confrontations with a roommate/cosigner. You’re comfortable enough in your space not to mince words, but you want to avoid any big disturbance in the peace. Cue the sly comments and side-eyed glances.


Let’s look at an example. If a roommate isn’t doing the dishes as often as they should, talk to them about it. Don’t leave a suggestive Post-It that reads,  “Wash the dishes please :) .”

If a cosigner is a little late on the rent, have a frank discussion and ask if there’s anything wrong—don’t just let the situation fester and become a problem for the both of you.


The best thing you can do is treat your co-lessee with respect and approach every situation with a helpful attitude. The smoother the path to your own lease, the easier it is to get there.