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Leasing Commercial Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Genet Group

Fort Lauderdale is indeed a dream-spot for many property owners in Florida. With its rich history, attractive lifestyle and various entertainment venues, it’s undoubtedly a quality place to live. Taking the time to lease commercial property in Fort Lauderdale will be an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up!

Staying Active with Tons of Entertainment

Fort Lauderdale has great year-round weather with sunshine most of the year. With an island abundant of trees and exotic scenery, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is perfect for family outings and excursion trips. For water sports enthusiasts, Las Olas Marina and Fort Lauderdale Aquatics bring a range of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, roller blading, water surfing and much more.

The place also has some great commercial areas such as Galleria Mall and Broward County with more than 100 specialty stores in each one. Fort Lauderdale also has Broward Center of Performing Arts which is a great cultural center and is home to loads of entertainment; concerts, comedy shows, and dance performances. There is something for everyone within this city, and if you’re looking for the next location to invest in real estate, stop your search now!

Rich History

Fort Lauderdale started as a military fort and a trading post. Until 1900, the city was abounded by nature and a rural area. The only roadway at that time was Las Olas Boulevard. Later, real estate developers were contracted to transform the East Fort Lauderdale swamps to Las Olas Isles. The city real estate has a unique condo-style to it which resembles mid-century architecture and is quite recognizable now. With such an in-depth history and quality development, the city attracted multiple tourists to the destination.

Why Fort Lauderdale for Commercial Real Estate?

Fort Lauderdale is transforming into an urban landmark offering high-end living without the hurdle of long commutes or the busy metropolitan city. It provides the perfect work-life balance; therefore, millennials are quite attracted to the quality of life here. By buying real estate in Fort Lauderdale, you will be getting the necessary amenities and luxury of living in an urban environment.

Rooftop terraces and spacious floor plans are becoming quite popular in the region. Therefore, you would have plenty of options to choose from when investing in real estate. Buy something that would suit your requirements and would come within your budget so you can enjoy the luxuries of this paradise land. Genet Group can help you find exactly what you need and want to fulfill your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Miami, Florida

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Genet Group

Miami is undoubtedly a dream place for millennials and older generations alike. With amazing cultural spots, varied cuisine, enthralling nightlife, and multiple entertainment options, the city is always bustling. Whether you’re a commercial real estate buyer, seller, owner, or tenant, Miami is your ideal place for real estate activities giving you access to global economic market through the vast global network of investors in the region.

Multiple Entertainment Avenues

Compared to New York and other metropolitan cities, Miami offers a range of activities for families of any size to enjoy. With over 800 parks, you can have an excellent outdoor excursion whenever it pleases you. Everglades and Biscayne National Park surround the city giving it a scenic and pleasant environment. Miami never always offers alternatives to staying home and has events going on throughout the year. South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Winter Music Conference and Art Basel are just a few of the hundreds of annual events.

World Class Healthcare Facilities

In 2008, Forbes Magazine announced Miami as the cleanest city in America. It’s considered one of the healthiest towns due to healthcare affordability and quality. Availability of food and amenities coupled with a healthy lifestyle makes Miami an attractive haven for health care enthusiasts. Miami is home to well-reputed health care providers such as Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami VA Hospital, Holtz Children Hospital, Mayo Clinic and more. When considering leasing a property, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re locally placed near excellent healthcare facilities.

Real Estate in Miami

As a transportation node throughout the US, Miami has diverse cultural influences and possesses great economic diversity and business opportunities for investors. With tax-friendly laws and steady population growth, Miami is an active and enticing market of real estate activities attracting the businessmen from all across the world. If you’re moving to a new place, money is the critical factor in influencing this decision. Also, if you’re someone that wants to save up and take home more of your earnings, Miami is the place to start. Invest in the future of your business with our help, today!

Commercial Real Estate of Miami Beach, Florida

Posted on February 27, 2019 by Genet Group

Having a commercial property in Miami Beach is almost considered a social status due to the immediate culture and nature of the vicinity there. Connected to mainland Miami by a bridge, this island city hosts luxurious houses and apartments. If you’re a real estate investor, the best time to invest in South Florida was roughly forty years ago. The price of virtually everything has skyrocketed in the past couple of decades and rightfully so.

Best Places in Miami Beach

Miami Beach hosts a plethora of different restaurants and locations which are based on niche markets. Being a cultural hub, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants and shopping malls there. Restaurants such as Puerto Sagua are visited frequently by tourists and have a history that goes back fifty years. Furthermore, beachside activities are also a trademark in this region. All these factors combine to relay high desirability of life in Miami Beach, which is what mainly attracts people to this city.

Why Choose Miami Beach?

If you’re looking to spend a little money to acquire a commercial spot in one of the most diverse places in the world, then look no further. The location of this city and its ever-growing tourism industry means that Miami Beach is a safe market where you are likely to see your profits grow by the day. The risk factor is minimalistic which means that even if you don’t land on your predicted numbers, you’re still likely to make a decent profit.

Real Estate

Acquiring real estate in Miami Beach can be a long and arduous process which needs meticulous attention to detail. The upper threshold is generally undefined due to the variety of real estate present throughout the city. Since Miami Beach is an established city, you’re less likely to find empty plots, which is why roughly $200,000 is the starting price. Although the prices can be steep, you’re getting your money’s worth in this melting pot.

Genet Group

When it comes time to lease a property in Miami Beach, give us a call! We have over 30 years of experience to help you find the space that is perfect for your business. We provide a hands-on approach that is more effective than any of our competitors. We’re dedicated to offering expert services to our clients for many years to come.