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Charitable Involvement

Genet Property Group is proud to have supported Nano Health Associates in their Heart & Sole project—a Shoes for the Cure initiative supporting the American Heart Association. The Heart & Sole project allowed individuals to donate new and old shoes for recycling or giving to those in need. Genet Property Group placed donation bins in our Washington Street Medical Building on 3700 Washington Street Hollywood, FL to encourage donations for this worthwhile cause. The more shoes donated, the higher the amount of money that was donated to the American Heart Association at the end of the drive, and the more children and adults in need that were given shoes.

The American Heart Association works to fight diseases such as heart disease and stroke and is “the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization” that puts its efforts towards fighting these diseases. The AMA helped make heart disease into a treatable condition and has helped saved the lives of countless Americans and people around the world. By participating in the Shoe for the Cure initiative, Genet Property group has assisted in supporting this organization vital to the lives of so many Americans who are afflicted by heart diseases, the deadliest diseases in the world.

There is no better goal during February, National Heart Month, than to support the efforts of the American Heart Association, and Genet Property Group is honored to have participated in the Heart & Sole initiative. While your property and leasing needs are a top priority of our business, community support is also vital to our goals as a South Florida business.

Genet Property Group is a proud to have been a participating member in the annual MS Gala Luncheon—hosted by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, South Florida Chapter. The National MS Society hosts multiple events throughout the year, from walking and biking fundraisers to “Do It Yourself” fundraisers that allow individuals to organize their own events. These events help to support efforts and research in the fight against multiple sclerosis, funding various initiatives such as the recruitment of MS researchers to studying the disease and providing support to families and individuals who are affected by multiple sclerosis.

The annual MS Gala Luncheon is an opportunity for high profile individuals and businesses to offer their support and raise a significant amount of funds in the fight against MS. Genet Property Group is one out of over 1,200 donors and guests that have attended the luncheon. The MS Gala Luncheon allows artists and businesses to use their own work to aid the lives of others—some past features of the luncheons include fashion shows during which designers showcase their work and offer proceeds from sales to the National MS Society, and the sale of fine jewellry, with proceeds also going toward the National MS Society.

Genet Property Group strives to provide not only excellent service in the leasing of properties to businesses, but also excellent support for charitable organizations to influence and support the lives of our friends and neighbors. We hope that in providing for and supporting an individual or business’s leasing and property needs, that individual or business is also supported in doing their part to aid our community.

Surfers Healing is a free-of-charge camp, staffed with over 4,500 volunteers. Autism affects 1 in 68 children, and providing support and love for every single one is the goal of this incredible organization. To provide this, Surfers Healing relies on donations from supportive individuals and businesses like ours. Kelly Sanborn and Ben Genet of Genet Property Group are proud to be sponsors and volunteers.

“What if riding the waves meant changing the world?“ That’s the core message of Surfers Healing, a camp that seeks to better the lives of kids with autism by introducing them to surfing—fighting against common misconceptions about ability and disability. By introducing kids to the fun and riveting experience of surfing, Surfers Healing hopes to encourage kids who are often discouraged from experience the world to engage with what they love. Since 1996 they have held camps where parents, kids, and volunteers spend a day enjoying themselves in the sun and experiencing something new.

For many kids with autism, sensory overload is a big deal—something they must deal with on a day to day basis, making some activities take more time or more difficult. For Surfers Healing, introducing kids to a calming and enjoyable day at the beach is a way to help deal with the many difficulties they face. Attending a Surfers Healing camp is a day filled with meeting people who live similar lives and supporting the autism community.

Genet Property Group is proud of our President, Ben Genet, and his wife Dorit Genet for their efforts in creating the Ethiopian-Israeli College Supplemental Fund. Ben Genet began this fund in 2005 after visiting Ethiopia and witnessing firsthand the needs of Ethiopian students as they move to Israel. It began with a thoughtful and personal donation in memory of Ben Genet’s father, but soon began an initiative that has raised over $500,000. This year, six more Ethiopian-Israeli students will be able to attend college at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliyah thanks to the efforts of Ben and Dorit Genet, and those who donate to this worthwhile and helpful cause.

As a part of the scholarship fund, tuition for the students is fully subsidized with $11,000 going toward the full tuition of a student, and each student receives tutoring, a free laptop computer, and opportunities for securing internships worldwide. And while the scholarship fund is able to help many students reach higher education and their goals, there are still only about 1,250 Ethiopian students who attended their first year of college. Continued dedication and support is important to ensure the education and opportunities that students deserve.

Genet Property Group is honored to have such a giving President and to be able to support the education of Ethiopian-Israeli students through Ben Genet’s efforts and successes. We strive to provide not only excellent service in the leasing of properties, but also excellent support for charitable organizations to influence and support the lives of our friends, neighbors, and even those who may be far away but still need a helping hand. We hope that in providing for and supporting an individual or business’s leasing and property needs, that individual or business is also supported in doing their part to aid our community and our world.

Genet Property Group is proud to support initiatives focused on making the earth cleaner, and to encourage recycling and energy saving procedures. The health of our planet is key to the success of our generation and future generations to come. This is why GPG believes in using available resources to conserve the environment and cause as little damage as possible in day-to-day activities as a property manager and as lessees.

We know that the main goal of a business is business—it’s difficult to be mindful of your impact on the environment when there are dozens of other tasks on your mind. But in spaces like the ones we lease, office space, flex space, and warehouse space, there is an increase in the potential for build-up of recyclable materials, the improper disposal of waste, and the use of energy inefficient products. In office space, paper is often taken for granted and used liberally when digital options are available. In warehouse space, cardboard boxes are often tossed in the trash when they could be recycled or reused. Cheap, energy-sucking incandescent light bulbs are frequently a first-pick for lighting large flex spaces, when fluorescent options are readily available. While it is easy to gloss over these concerns, taking note of the ways in which your business can reduce, reuse, and recycle can benefit not only the environment and your community, but also your business and bank account.

While your property and leasing needs are our top priority, supporting the community, the environment, and our world is also vital to our goals as a South Florida business. Genet Property Group is dedicated, as a property manager, to furthering the health, happiness, and efficiency of our clients and the environment.

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