What Makes a Good Listing
What Makes a Good Listing


It’s sometimes hard to tell from just a short paragraph about a space whether it’s the one for you. But if you’re searching for rental listings online, that’s often all you might get: just a couple of pictures and a short few sentences about the place. How can you tell what makes a space great from just that little bit of information? And how can property managers spruce up their rental listings by being a little more wordy or picturesque?


The first thing to look for in a rental listing is, obviously, the pictures. If you come across a space in a perfect location but it happens to have a short description and no pictures whatsoever, be as skeptical as you can be. You probably wouldn’t believe the number of scam rental listings online that are only meant to take your money and run.


Always go for those with the most information. The longer the description, the more pictures and contact information, the better. If you’re looking for a space, you’ll have to get in touch with a property manager eventually—if a listing piques your interest enough, give a call to the person who’s listed it to verify 1) that it’s real and 2) that it’s still available. You also probably wouldn’t believe the number of spaces that stay up and listed long after a tenant has been found.


Want to be even more sure a space is legit and worth checking out? Look at other listings posted by the same property manager. By comparing and contrasting the language and pictures they use for other spaces you can verify the legitimacy of the lister and also discover whether they’re speaking highly about one property over another. Get the best deal you can from the most information.