Video Tours
Video Tours


Choosing real estate to lease is tough—we know. It requires a lot of driving, looking, walking, judging, comparison, and too much time out of the day getting to different buildings and locations. It’s important to look at all of the feasible options when shopping around for a rental property, but does it have to be a pain and a big time drain? Well, not when your potential property manager does the work for you. We know our spaces inside and out, and we provide helpful, descriptive webpages for any you might want to come look at. We at Genet Property Group think of it as taking away some of the burden that comes with “blind date” property shopping.


But what if you could view a space without even going there—spy on all of the nooks and crannies without lifting up your car keys to drive on over? Sounds impossible, downright wild. Well, that’s why we at GPG have taken the time to create Video Tours of a number of our properties, allowing potential tenants to inspect the location as if they were there in person. Upon request, we also have detailed and numerous photos of each property available for rent—just ask your GPG representative for a sneak peek. This way, when you go to look for a property, you’re not going in blind. Since adding these resources, GPG has had a significant drop in the number of potential lessees who have to run home halfway through a showing to feed the dog or have a friend call with an “urgent emergency.”


Don’t believe us? See it with your own eyes. And if you like what you see, it could be all yours.


Delray Office Space

51 Davie Flex Space

3430 Lauderhill Warehouse Space