That New Space Smell
That New Space Smell

Ah, that new space smell. You know, that feeling when you, a new tenant, walk into your newly leased space and see the emptiness, the possibility in the air, the ideas springing onto the plain white walls and metal warehouse enclosures.




Just look here, at this flex space at 18397 NE 4 Court. What could this room someday be? Leading to a warehouse, it could be an office. A few wooden oak desks along the floor, employees sitting happily working through the day. Or it could be a break room — a coffee machine in the corner, a water tank bubbling, and a microwave beeping with someone’s hot lunch. The possibilities are endless!



Warehouse space can just give you the chills (and that cold concrete floor doesn’t help!). Look at the potential here — you could store a million things, house dozens of pieces of equipment. Surprise! This is the same space as above, at 18397 NE 4 Court, and we bet you couldn’t even tell, could you? What other surprises hide in every open space? Doors could lead to anywhere: warehouse rooms, office rooms, flex space. It’s up to you to make them your own.


Even the bathroom has potential, plenty of wall space for hanging decor—a humorous sign? An “All Employees Must Wash Hands” notice? The space is yours to craft, and with hundreds of different spaces available from Genet Property Group, each one invites its own opportunity for customization to your business and personal needs. Our favorite thing about a brand new space? The day you move in. What’s yours?