Smart Homes and IoT
Smart Homes and IoT



Though we might not be quite as advanced as some fictional depictions of the 21st century, in 2018 it’s possible to have a living or work space that utilizes technology in ways people from 50 years ago never would’ve imagined. You might’ve heard the term “Internet of Things” (or IoT) thrown around, but what does it really mean? It’s basically the wireless interconnection of various objects around a space, making it easier to interact with everyday objects through our electronic devices.


Most people have probably heard of or used a voice assistant at this point. Think Siri in your iPhone or Amazon’s Alexa. By purchasing a device like an Amazon Echo, you can say, “Hey Alexa…” and order any number of tasks to be completed. Put on some music? Check. Set an alarm? Check. And with a few other devices, you can control other aspects of your home or office space as well…


Take the Nest thermostat for example. With this handy tool, you can adjust the temperature of your home or work space from your phone, with your voice, and while you aren’t even around. It even tracks your trends in usage and can adjust your central heating and cooling to be more efficient.


With smart electrical plugs like this one you can also use assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to turn off a light, a television, a fan, or any other appliance with only the sound of your voice (and from anywhere you have an internet connection). No more getting up from the bed to turn off that desk lamp.


Though the newness of interconnected home and office devices can be intimidating, it’s surprisingly simple to set up individual devices that can interact with each other and help make your space easier to live in.