Pets and Property
Pets and Property


Despite how much we all love our furry companions (and those non-furry ones, I’m looking at you reptiles), it’s often tough to find a rental space that allows pets. And even when you find a space that does allow pets, they usually restrict the type or size of pet that is allowed. It’s understandable, space owners don’t want their property destroyed by a bad dog or cat. But it puts the renters in a tough position when they find a perfect property and learn that fido has to go if they want to secure it.


Rehoming a pet or putting them up for adoption just because you’re looking for a change in property is never the right option. They’re a part of the family, and removing man’s best friend from the family can be traumatic for both owner and pet. It’s also usually completely avoidable.


There are plenty of rental websites that allow you to filter your search options to include only those properties that allow pets. Often, pets provide emotional support that can be medically classified as necessary for an owner. In that instance, and with the help of a doctor who deems the pet’s support necessary, there are laws that permit an owner to keep a pet in a space that might not normally allow them. However, the distinction of emotional support animal should not be taken lightly and should only be used when the animal provides a medical benefit to the owner.


It is usually a case-by-case basis whether a pet will be allowed in a property. Make sure to speak with the property manager and landlord as you search for spaces to discover whether there is some leeway in the pet policy for a space. You may find that having a pet can be as easy as paying a security deposit and fee.