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Dealing with Drafts

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Genet Group

As the summer months fade ever further away and the temperatures start to drop (that is, depending on where you’re located), it’s time to start thinking about your property’s defenses against the elements. As all lessees can probably tell you, the longer you stay in a space the more you learn about its quirks, its upsides, and its faults. One of those particular faults you might find going into the chillier months is the presence of a draft: a window that’s got a crack exposed to the outside world, a door that doesn’t quite sit flush against the ground, or a small crevice in the ceiling that lets a little too much air inside.


If you find a chink in your property’s defenses, what should you do? Something like a window crack can be patched pretty easily. And so can a small little hole between the ceiling and the wall. It’s easy to just address these things yourself. But sometimes the problem can be bigger than you realize, causing invisible, long term increases in utility costs. Imaging paying upwards of $20/month for utilities just because of a problem that could’ve been easily fixed by a professional.


If you find a draft in your apartment try and test to see if the problem can be fixed with a simple solution first. Say you feel that the ground is a little too cold next to your front door because it’s a little high off the ground. Try plugging up the hole with a bit of cloth to see if you can feel a difference. If the change in temperature goes away completely, try a more permanent solution: an under-door draft stoppers can be bought for pretty cheap. But if the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed—even if you can still kind offeeling a difference in temperature—it might be a good idea to contact your landlord or property manager. One draft can be indicative of larger problems and a professional can help root out all of the loose spots in a space.