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Noisy Neighbors

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Genet Group

Do you hear that? The creaking… the squeaking… what sounds like roughly seven bowling balls being pushed and prodded across the floor just overtop your head in the apartment, office space, or flex space above your own? Or are you maybe hearing the popular bar/restaurant that sits across the street from your office — you know the one, the one that blasts tunes all Monday morning and into the evening for all the people who are over there not working?


Noisy neighbors can be a hassle. And, especially when you lease an office space inside a larger commercial complex, they can be completely unavoidable. You cannot just ask the literal guitar store across the hall to move out, just so you can get back to working on your own business in peace and quiet. Sometimes walls are just a little too thin. So what are some ways you can deal with noisy neighbors and mitigate the annoyance of noise you can’t really stop altogether?


One of the best ways to deal with noise you can’t stop is to cancel it out with other, more calming noise. You can use headphones, of course, but something more direct like a noise machine can work for an entire office or room. Some folks even suggest a fixture like an in-office fountain, strategically placed to block an onslaught of noise from a particular direction. A solution like this can provide a pleasant sound and an interesting office decoration.


If you’re dealing with a noise like footsteps or strange, indescribable sounds from a neighbor above, try talking to them about padding a little softer or being more courteous. Though it can be a little awkward to broach the subject, sometimes a simple conversation can turn the tide for a noise that you think is unstoppable.