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The First Day in a New Space

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Genet Group

It’s the day that all lessees wait for with bated breath. Move-in day. The first of the month (usually). That very first day in your brand new office space. Are you the first-timer? You’re at the start of your entrepreneurial career—big ideas flowing, new partnerships growing—and about to walk through the door of your first office space. Or are you the experienced business person with a mind that’s set on expansion? You’re moving on up to a bigger and better space that can fit your expanded team and your dreams of making it big. Either way, the first day inside a new space is thrilling. You get to begin familiarizing yourself with the location, the fixtures, and you get to start making it your very own.


Besides the hassle of moving in to a space, what are some things to consider on that very first day? What should you plan for in advance to make sure you have a smooth start to your new life in a brand new office?


Perhaps most important is making sure the lights are on and that you’ve got running water. Contact the companies who control your utilities to make sure everything is in order and that you can be billed for those necessary conveniences.


Second most important thing? Take pictures of everything. Any flaw you find, any bump or bruise in a wall or damage to a fixture should be documented so that your landlord and the property manager will know you were not the cause of any trouble. This can save you a chunk of your security deposit in the future.


And lastly? Soak it all in. Spend some time in the space before you’ve really unpacked or finished moving just reveling in the excitement of a new property. The promise of a new space, the positivity it brings, can benefit your mood, your health, and help you plan for that bright future. So enjoy it, and congrats!