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On-Site Gyms

Posted on July 05, 2018 by Genet Group

More and more these days, people are valuing physical health and exercise above leisure. And because of that, they are willing to pay a pretty penny to keep a gym membership or attend fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and pilates. That’s also why one of the biggest concerns when looking for a rental property is location—how close is it to the LA Fitness you’ve got a membership at? To the YMCA? And the million dollar question (or rather, the roughly $40/month plus towel fee question): does the rental property have an on-site gym?

There are certainly plenty of benefits to renting a property that includes an on-site gym. The biggest plus? You likely won’t need an expensive membership elsewhere. If you’re in search of office space in a larger building with amenities, choosing a space with a gym can greatly improve the happiness and productivity of your employees. If you’re looking for an apartment, choosing a space with a gym can shave off the time it takes to travel to your regular off-site gym. It’s a little funny to think of how valuable convenience can be, especially when we’re talking about exercise—an activity that’s intended to push you past your comfort and into achieving goals. But the comfort of a close-by place for working out can benefit your workout as well.


There is, of course, a risk to adding an on-site gym to your list of preferences as you search for a rental property: finding the right one. On-site facilities don’t often employ a dedicated gym staff, and the “gym” could simply be a couple of cardio machines stuffed into an old room. But that’s where research and visits come into play. Find the right space for you and always know your options.