Bugs and Pests
Bugs and Pests



Creepy crawlers climbing walls and tiny rodents scurrying across the floor—every lessee’s favorite sight! Even if you keep your office or apartment spotlessly clean, it’s impossible to avoid bugs and pests. Little critters love to intrude on our spaces, and we can’t really blame them. Many of our office buildings and warehouses were built right overtop their natural homes! Other than swatting and setting humane traps, what are some steps you can take that will reduce the likelihood you’ll be greeted by a six or four-legged friend?


Keeping your space clean is the number one tip for keeping pests away. If there are no crumbs or leftovers to much on they’ll have no reason to stick around. If there’s no clutter or small crevices to burrow in they’ll have fewer places to stay.


Certain pest problems have unique solutions. Fruit flies can be warded off with some apple cider vinegar and dish soap. Regular flies, mosquitoes? Some say placing a penny in a bag/cup of water is a deterrent.


If you do have pest problems, it’s best to speak to your property management company about a professional solution. They will likely have a pest control company on-call for any problems requiring that special touch.