Kitchen Makeover

When you’re renting a space you give up a lot of the more creative freedoms that come with owning your own. Don’t bank on being able to make any drastic changes to rooms, appliances, or fixtures like the plumbing or heating—anything you want will have to go through your landlord … Read More

Bugs and Pests

  Creepy crawlers climbing walls and tiny rodents scurrying across the floor—every lessee’s favorite sight! Even if you keep your office or apartment spotlessly clean, it’s impossible to avoid bugs and pests. Little critters love to intrude on our spaces, and we can’t really blame them. Many of our office … Read More

Security and Privacy

What does your ideal space look like? It’s probably a lavish home or office that’s secluded on its own land—think Apple’s new Hyperloop One campus or a movie star Malibu megaplex. Reality bites, however, and those who lease property often have to make do sharing building and land space with … Read More

Plumbing Problems

Got a clog that just won’t go down? Rusty red water pouring from the faucet? A sink that refuses to drain? Backed-up toilet? Hopefully you’ve never had all of these problems at once! Plumbing issue here or there are par for the course as a lessee. Lucky for you, your … Read More

Pre-Furnished Office Space

If you’re looking to lease office space, either temporarily or for a more extended stay, a big question to consider is whether or not to rent a space that comes fully furnished. For a temporary space, most lessees tend to rent a space that is furnished, removing the need to … Read More


It is common to sublet an apartment or condo for a while if you’ve got a vacation abroad or an extended business trip in the near future. You don’t want to give up your lease, but you also don’t want to pour money into a space you won’t be living … Read More

5 Ways to Prove You’re a Good Potential Tenant

If you’re looking for an office or retail space to lease, you’re going to want the best you can find. You know the one—great location, right in a bustling commercial area; supportive property management company and landlord; and just the right size. But securing that space? Easier said than done. … Read More

Fire Safety

When you first move into a space, it should be one of your top priorities to make sure people on-site will be safe in the event of an emergency. If a fire were to break out, do you have all of the necessary equipment and planning in place to pull … Read More

Energy Efficiency

Look, it’s a little difficult to actively care for the environment when you’re a property manager. As a person tied to a business you’re looking for cost-cutting measures and quick fixes rather than eco-friendly options. But listen—while it seems like deciding between light bulbs at the hardware store is a … Read More

Playing the Long Game

Increasing the value of a property can be a daunting task. Renovations and remodeling can take years and a ton of money, so many property managers and landlords just brush off the idea. Sticking with the status quo is much easier than shelling out renovation money upfront, even if it … Read More