Keep or Toss

  The biggest worry people tend to have when they move out of a space is, obviously, the moving itself. You’ve got to collect all of your most valuable items and ship them someplace else—whether it be to a new office, a new warehouse, a new flex space, or to … Read More

Teaming Up

Not everyone can afford the luxury of leasing a place all on their own. Especially with the high cost of real estate in many urban areas, young adults are living together as roommates more and more often. They’re also continuing to do so later into life. Even in business situations—say … Read More

Online Reviews

  Any good online shopper knows the value of the product review section. It’s one of the benefits of being able to buy and sell things online versus in person—when you’re online, you potentially have access to hundreds of other people who have already bought the thing you want. In … Read More

On-Site Gyms

  More and more these days, people are valuing physical health and exercise above leisure. And because of that, they are willing to pay a pretty penny to keep a gym membership or attend fitness classes like yoga, Zumba, and pilates. That’s also why one of the biggest concerns when … Read More

Gazebos, Awnings, and Canopies

  It’s summertime, I’ve got my hat on backwards, and it’s time to have a get-together under a gazebo. If you live in a warm and sunny place like South Florida, you know to search for all of the shade you can get. When it’s hot, it gets really hot—having … Read More

Moving Out / Moving In

  It’s pretty common to have an overlap in the lease duration between a place you’re moving out of and a place you’re moving in to.   Let’s say the lease for your current apartment ends on September 1st. If you sign a lease for a new place that begins … Read More

DIY Home Renovation

  Some say spring is the perfect season for do-it-yourself pet projects around the house. But what about all those April showers coming down on your parade? Some say winter, when it’s cold outside and toasty inside, making inside projects key. But the cold is usually pretty discouraging—wouldn’t you rather … Read More

Summer Landscaping

In the warmer months, having a well manicured lawn can really set your property apart from the rest. And they say a little gardening work is good for the body and the mind. If you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, it might seem like a daunting task to start … Read More

The Most Affordable Cities to Rent In

  Of course, we at Genet Property Group are partial to renting in South Florida. It’s home, the weather is nice, and with approximately 1.5 million square feet of space available to lease right here from us? What’s not to love! But it’s interesting to do some digging and to … Read More

April Showers, May Flowers, and Property Damage

  Where there’s Spring, there’s rain. And of course, where there’s rain, there are plenty of good things—pretty flowers, cute animals sipping from puddles, abundant life in nature. So goes the old saying, April showers bring May flowers. But there’s something else that April showers can bring, and it ain’t … Read More