Pets and Property

Despite how much we all love our furry companions (and those non-furry ones, I’m looking at you reptiles), it’s often tough to find a rental space that allows pets. And even when you find a space that does allow pets, they usually restrict the type or size of pet that … Read More

2017 Year in Review

Did you have a great 2017? Genet Property Group sure did! This year we shared a lot of information about rental properties—we offered tips on making over a space, suggested a few books and podcasts worth checking out, and even wrote about the proper ways to handle and deal with … Read More

Attending an Open House

Attending open houses can be a great way to view properties and areas in which you are interested in leasing or buying. By attending an open house you get the obvious benefit of looking up, down, and around the place you might be living or working in. But no doubt … Read More

Searching for Rentals

So you need to find a new apartment or office space to rent. Where do you look? Well, first off, it can’t hurt to check out the properties that Genet Property Group has available. If you want to look at all of the rental options available in an area, there … Read More

Paying on Time

Were you one of those people who always turned in assignments late while you were in school? Maybe just sometimes? If so, do you find those bad habits extending to other areas of your life… like rent payments? Tardiness can get the best of us at times, and every now … Read More

Raise the Roof

Whether done by wind or snow or rain or heat, damage to the roof of your rental building can be disastrous. No one wants to live or work in a space filled with buckets set up to catch intruding rain drops. So how should you go about fixing a roofing … Read More

Kitchen Makeover

When you’re renting a space you give up a lot of the more creative freedoms that come with owning your own. Don’t bank on being able to make any drastic changes to rooms, appliances, or fixtures like the plumbing or heating—anything you want will have to go through your landlord … Read More

Bugs and Pests

  Creepy crawlers climbing walls and tiny rodents scurrying across the floor—every lessee’s favorite sight! Even if you keep your office or apartment spotlessly clean, it’s impossible to avoid bugs and pests. Little critters love to intrude on our spaces, and we can’t really blame them. Many of our office … Read More

Plumbing Problems

Got a clog that just won’t go down? Rusty red water pouring from the faucet? A sink that refuses to drain? Backed-up toilet? Hopefully you’ve never had all of these problems at once! Plumbing issue here or there are par for the course as a lessee. Lucky for you, your … Read More

Security and Privacy

What does your ideal space look like? It’s probably a lavish home or office that’s secluded on its own land—think Apple’s new Hyperloop One campus or a movie star Malibu megaplex. Reality bites, however, and those who lease property often have to make do sharing building and land space with … Read More