Data Security

  Without the proper digital protection, you’re more likely than ever to be vulnerable to scams and data breaches. As time goes on, malware becomes more advanced and so do the criminals and hackers who create it. Whether you’re an individual leasing a space or a business owner who uses … Read More

Warehouse Inventory Organization

  Some of our warehouse spaces are pretty big—huge, you might even say. Depending on your needs, you can lease a warehouse space at any number of square feet (for some perspective, Genet Property Group leases over 1.5 million square feet of property in South Florida). But no matter the … Read More

Smart Homes and IoT

  Though we might not be quite as advanced as some fictional depictions of the 21st century, in 2018 it’s possible to have a living or work space that utilizes technology in ways people from 50 years ago never would’ve imagined. You might’ve heard the term “Internet of Things” (or … Read More

Taking Over a Lease

If you’re looking to say an early, “Goodbye!” to your rental space and slip your way out of a lease before it’s ended, you’ll often have a couple of options. You’ll usually have the choice of paying some sort of fine or amount of the rent you promised to pay … Read More

Keeping Receipts

You’re given receipts for a reason—keep them. That’s the motto when it comes to paying your landlord or property manager each month. If you’re leasing a space, whether it be warehouse, office, living space, or flex space, be sure you keep all pay stubs and receipts, money orders and checks. … Read More

Leasing to Students

As the number of students in the country grows so does the cost of tuition and the price of living in student housing. While some universities require students to live in dorms for the entire duration of their studies, a good portion of schools now allow their students to roam … Read More

Renter’s Insurance

When you’re renting a space, it’s easy to mistakenly place the onus on your landlord or property manager to fix and address every incident or accident that occurs on their property. Of course, they’re the ones who fix structural issues and problems with the unit itself. But what about when … Read More

What Makes a Good Listing

It’s sometimes hard to tell from just a short paragraph about a space whether it’s the one for you. But if you’re searching for rental listings online, that’s often all you might get: just a couple of pictures and a short few sentences about the place. How can you tell … Read More

How to Show a Space

Property managers and landlords like to fill a space as soon as possible once a current tenant decided to leave or not renew their lease. It just makes sense—the faster you can get someone new to move in, the faster you can get the next rent check for the space. … Read More

Pets and Property

Despite how much we all love our furry companions (and those non-furry ones, I’m looking at you reptiles), it’s often tough to find a rental space that allows pets. And even when you find a space that does allow pets, they usually restrict the type or size of pet that … Read More