2017 Year in Review
2017 Year in Review


Did you have a great 2017? Genet Property Group sure did! This year we shared a lot of information about rental properties—we offered tips on making over a space, suggested a few books and podcasts worth checking out, and even wrote about the proper ways to handle and deal with with broken fixtures or problems that come up as a renter. Here are a few of the most popular posts from the GPG blog this year.


  1. Attending an Open House


Attending open houses can be a great way to view properties and areas in which you are interested in leasing or buying. By attending an open house you get the obvious benefit of looking up, down, and around the place you might be living or working in. But no doubt you’ll be joined by other potential renters or buyers sizing up the place right alongside you. So how do you get the most out of a visit to an open house and brush off the pressure from all the competition?…


2. Playing the Long Game


Increasing the value of a property can be a daunting task. Renovations and remodeling can take years and a ton of money, so many property managers and landlords just brush off the idea. Sticking with the status quo is much easier than shelling out renovation money upfront, even if it could mean greater returns in the long run. But, much like we described in our post about energy efficiency, planning for the long term is almost always a smarter move.


3.  Dealing with Hurricane Aftermath


In the midst of hurricane season, it’s important to know the actions that should be taken as a property manager in South Florida. We all know that this is when those hefty monthly insurance payments can come in handy, but minimizing the risk from hurricanes and dealing with any problems after they strike is a more proactive response than counting on insurance. For our post about protecting your property in the event of a storm, click here. You’ll find tips and tricks for securing vital damage points like windows and roofs. This post will cover what to do in the aftermath of the storm—when it’s time to tell whether or not protection has been enough.


4. On Millennial Renters


We shook our magic 8-Ball, and all signs point to rent—according to real estate consultant John Burns, the millennial generation is less likely than their parents (baby boomers & generation X) to own a home. CNBC reported that in 2004, when Gen X was at the cusp of home-owning potential in their 20s, the homeownership rate was roughly 70%. Since then, however, the crash of the housing market has left that same age-group of 25-34 year-olds with a roughly 40% homeownership rate today. And it seems like those millennials are unlikely to force the number back up…

5. Security and Privacy


Multi-lessee complexes make up the bulk of the property management business, as you likely know. When you’re renting one of these spots in an apartment building, a warehouse hub, an office complex, or a center for retail, you eventually learn to get used to your neighbors. But even then, privacy can often feel like a luxury. What are some ways you can maximize privacy in a crowded property situation?