Keeping your company or personal property secure is a no-brainer, and by renting from Genet Property Group we can ensure properly safe buildings. But, being too safe is never a bad thing, especially when you may be storing especially important documents, items, or money. If your building is public, or you share the space with other renters and there may be clients frequently coming in and out, it may be a good idea to implement extra security measures. There a few different actions you can take to keep your property extra safe—secure it from the outside, make sure items inside the space are secure, and safeguard digital information.

To create an extra sense of security for your rental property, you can install security cameras, obtain permission for extra locks or keys, and make sure that all windows and doors are secure. Statistically, 34% of all burglars enter a space through an unlocked window or door, and keeping these points of entrance locked is vital.

Adding an extra layer of security for important documents is also key, even while being safe with entrances and exits. Keep a safe in an office for vital documents, and only share the combination with those who may need it. It also may be a good idea to give employees lockers or their own secure spaces for personal items.

Lastly, it’s important to be secure online as well as off. Keep your online accounts safe with advanced and difficult-to-guess passwords and change those passwords frequently. Only allow authorized use of computers. And be absolutely sure to install anti-virus software and invest in appropriate encryption for important files.


We at Genet Property Group have paid close attention to the 2016 Presidential Election, but not only as Americans concerned about the future of the political landscape. We’re also paying close attention to the election’s influence on our business—property. Presidential elections in the United States have a huge impact on the economy, and through that a huge impact on property values.

A big factor in the economic sway elections have is uncertainty—when anyone makes an economic decision, about property, on the stock market, or even at the grocery store, they like to be certain their decision will have the best outcome. In American elections, and especially the previous one between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, candidates often have largely opposing views on policies that mean an uncertain economic future. Naturally, economic conditions will be more stable and secure with a candidate who has middleground views rather than radical ones—a candidate more in-tune with the status quo. Hillary Clinton fit that bill for the election, while Donald Trump represents a deviation from the norm. Despite expectations, though, the markets have been booming since the election, with the Dow Jones industrial average reaching its all-time high this past week. This is quite telling of how truly unpredictable Mr. Trump’s presidency will be, as initial futures markets had predicted his victory would wreak havoc on stocks.

Despite widespread fear and uncertainty, Genet Property Group hopes for the best in this post-election era. And most important to us and our lessees, we hope it means bright horizons for property managers, owners, and renters alike!


The present and future of business is over the internet—in the cloud. Cooperation across distances, security of files, and increased storage and organization are all benefits of an office embracing the internet as a tool for increasing productivity. With apps like Slack, for communicating about projects, and Basecamp, for outlining the workflow of projects, it’s easier than ever to do things quickly from the office or at home. But that also means that business is done less on a face-to-face basis. Team members aren’t able to develop relationships with each other and clients aren’t able to communicate as effectively with representatives. While there are many benefits to technology in the business sector, there are also downfalls. Here are a few tips for keeping the office from being stuck in the clouds.

  • Holding regular company events like monthly parties or holiday events can help create relationships among the staff and boost morale.

  • Tempted to hold a meeting over email or instant messaging? It’s not always the right answer! Face-to-face communication allows better processing of information and communicates the needs of others much more personally than reading text on a screen.

  • Take some of the work off the computer. Sometimes a pen and paper can do better than looking at a screen all day. Keep the office healthy by hosting regular hours where advanced technology isn’t used as much.

Genet Property Group has over 20 years of experience assisting clients and growing through the boom of the internet in business. We are always happy to provide the right resources for your business and property needs, and to help your business run more smoothly and cooperatively. Contact one of our property specialists today to find your spot in our over 1.5 million square feet of space available in South Florida.