Searching for business and work-oriented properties can certainly be an overwhelming mission. Having a reputable, trustworthy, professional group of advisors and property by your side is most definitely a necessary aide in your search. Thankfully, we at Genet are the real estate and property group dedicated to helping you search for and find the right property. We are just as passionate about gathering the right pick for you to helping with the final decision and all the logistics involved in your step by step choices! Genet Group offers properties in a variety of beautiful Florida regions, offices with brilliant views and welcoming layouts, and offices to suit your every need. It’s worth it to take your time in finding the right space- and to know that, as always, we’re here to help. So, what is it that people look for and want most? What do employees prefer? Well, studies show different results, going to show different companies really do have different personalities and adopt separate strategies. Part of the search is all about realizing who you are as a company and what your workers’ needs are! Recent reports very much report open spaces are in vogue, with younger employees appreciating the independence and open atmosphere. Common criticisms, however, concern lack of productivity, privacy, and an overdose of noise. Cubicles and closed offices remain the standard, but criticisms involve isolationism and a lack of appreciation for the overall design. Combinations are always doable, and there remain points of general agreement- namely, windows, quality lighting, touches of color, and communal spaces, no matter where you are. Good to know there are tried-and-true qualities everyone will love!


Searching for an office space can be stressful. If you are in the position of hunting for a new, different, or better office or building, you must have a lot on your plate! House or apartment searching can already be a big and complicated step in life. When you are in charge of your job, work, company, or business, stakes might feel even higher! The spaces are much larger, sometimes in areas you might be less familiar with, not to mention more intimidating and even confusing if you consider all the different aspects to consider and debate between. You have to be looking for a big space that will accommodate many people and a wide range of needs. It’s impossible to know every coworker perfectly- but at the same time, you would like all your peers to be as comfortable and pleased with the space as possible. Plus, this area usually does not fit into most people’s expertise. Where do you even begin? Where do you start to know what a good work space looks like, and how on earth do you find it? Lucky for you, buildings and office spaces are the sort of properties we at Genet Group put on top of our priority list. We care deeply about providing you with services that help you find the right spaces in the right amount of time and for the right price- because we know you care about your employees and where they work.