We’re certainly very happy to remind you to look up and look around at all that Florida can offer you in terms of nature’s blessings. We truly believe there is no better place to live, work and thrive than the home of our very own headquarters and the home to all of our hard workers and team leaders. No wonder so many people come to visit, to retire peacefully, to vacation or to open up brand-new businesses- what better environment is there to breed fresh new ideas, to inspire constant daydreams, and to live up to every day’s full potential? Well, Genet group is sold that there is no better way.


However, regardless of where your office is located- even if you’re someone who prefers a home office, or perhaps a parents whose current full time job is within the home (but feels like it might as well be a full-time, outside gig!), or an employee just like us who could use an extra dose of sunshine and pick-me-up every once in a while), there are multiple ways you can bring brightness to your desk and beyond! We recommend installing softer overhead lights as replacements to fluorescent bright white or yellow lighting that some offices prefer. While it might seem counterintuitive to bring in less light, softening the tones and hues of the office’s general lighting leaves you more room to decide what your own part of the space looks like! So you get softer ceiling lights, a reminder to use the light from your own windows more, and maybe even an incentive to bring a desk lamp or two into your space! Plants are an even more dynamic way of livening your space- they’re literal indications of how well you’re doing in terms of light and hydration. Keep them healthy and green: if they start to droop, maybe pay a bit more attention to your self-care that week (your plants will thank you for it)! Finally, bright colors (from drawings, pictures, or artwork) will reflect light and project brightness in all spaces, so give a shout out to the artists in your life and bring their work into your work for a change. Soon enough, you’ll be feeling even brighter- a great employee, and a true Floridian at that.


All across the country, citizens are delighting in the newfound joy of sunlight. After a particularly long winter in certain parts of America -our thoughts are with our friends in the Midwest and unlucky utmost Northern regions- nature is showing its softer side and warm weather has started showing its face again. Spring has sprung, and along with it have come smiles all around. Maybe your family has started to think about spring cleaning, and you’ve pulled out gardening tools and gear, or perhaps neighbors are starting to compare lawns and flowerbeds in your neighborhood ahead of some friendly competition.

In the wake of colder months especially, sunshine, warm temperatures, and clear (or mostly clear) skies bring in some much needed vitamin D. Fun fact: Vitamin D is actually produced by skin, sometimes in large amounts, when said skin is exposed to natural sunlight coming from the sky. The vitamin is specifically carried in light through ultraviolet rays, the same ones that can also be harmful if the skin is not properly protected, say by light coverups or sunscreen protection. Healthy exposure to sunlight is the easiest, and most recommended way to get your daily intake of vitamin D, one that many doctors say the average American suffers a deficiency from.

So, what does this have to do with us, and what does it have to do with you? Well, here at Genet, we pay particular attention to our employees’ well-beings. We believe the people who work for us should be healthy and happy, and we believe wholesome people should feel free to be themselves not just at home and on weekends, but inside the office, and at work! So by all means, go outside and get some sun. In large enough quantities, vitamin D has been proven to boost overall health and mood. Lucky for you, here in the Sunshine State, this is one vitamin you never have to worry about- and we at Genet Group know what good properties look like: they’re full of windows with views on the nature we’re blessed enough to see every day. Even during the workday, we make sure to keep our blinds up and soak in some sun: it doesn’t get better than that!