Have you ever stopped to think about just how much of our lives revolve around work? Of course you have! For most of us, career comes right to the top of our priorities, not just in daily life but our life overall.


Lots of us start dreaming of our careers early on in life. Oftentimes, these dreams, these ambitions that we valorize so much -and hold close to our hearts- become more than just jobs. Especially in childrens’ plans, we can see that positions and ‘day jobs’ such as firemen, doctors, ballerinas, astronauts and presidents take on a whole new meaning: they become who we are. Sometimes, our jobs become a big part of us. And it’s safe to say that many times, what we work on, how we work, and, certainly, even where we work is a big part of our life.

However, pop culture and the media can tend to portray office space as dull and removed from the exciting inner lives of those who make them work. Here at Genet Group, we think such portrayals are misleading, as life in the office has the potential to be full of camarederie, productivity, innovation and, yes, even excitement- in virtually any career field, too! And that’s why we love television that focuses on the work lives of brilliant characters- shows that understand office employees as people truly living in their space.

The first show that comes to  mind might very well be Mad Men, a hugely popular historical or “period” drama television show that ran for an astoundingly impressive seven seasons. Mad Men is a wonderfully thorough look into the world of the 1950s and the American businessmen who lead incredible lives during these years, following the paths of advertising industry men in an incredible New York office. This office might in fact be the star of the show: the crowded lunchrooms and bathrooms where secretaried rush to share gossip or powder their noses, the rows of work desks and personal assistants making call after call, the elusive private office at every corner, showcasing breathtaking views and reflecting power on all their own.

In Mad Men, the office is truly a place for life, where work, play, and even scandal intermingle. For us here at Genet Group, this is the best and most glamorous take on the office that we’ve found on the screen. Though real life is never quite what we see on television, at least one show truly understands how we like to think of our -and your- workspaces: as places made for thriving and for living, boundless with opportunity.

While an office space is the most important physical hub for your business, the online and electronic presence of your business is vital this day in age. At Genet Property Group, we can assure you a physical office, warehouse, or flex space to fit your every need. But we don’t offer virtual office space! That’s why we’ve compiled some tips for keeping your virtual office space orderly and efficient, just like your physical one.


1. It’s easy to ignore it, but every once in awhile take the time to go through and update your applications (instead of just clicking “Ignore” when the popup shows its face). It’ll help keep your systems updated and fresh!

2. Remove all the old files in your “Downloads” folder, and even organize everything in the system! Having an uncluttered space both in the office and online will make your business faster and better.

3. Clean out that Email inbox! It’ll make important messages easier to find.

4. Though we’re coming to an age with more and more wireless systems, it’s probable you’ve still got a lot of wires for your computer, your keyboard, fax machines, printers, etc., and it’s easy for them to go wild. Splurge on some more advanced hardware and remove the corded burden!

5. Or, invest in some twisty-ties — giving yourself enough slack, bundle up electronic cords neatly near outlets or in a safe position so they won’t become a tangled nuisance.

6. Start a fund for upgrading your hardware — new computers, printers, or anything that you might need.

7. Start a fund for repairs! We all know that electronics have a tendency to malfunction — having a quick fund for repairs keeps worry down.

8. Backup your files and devices! Don’t lose what’s vital to the business.

9. Set a time to review your website every week, or two weeks, to make sure there are no errors and that everything is updated.

10. Don’t have a website? Get one! A website can greatly boost recognition and sales.

With over 20 years of experience in property management, Genet Property Group is devoted to your physical property needs (and we hope your virtual ones are handled well)! Interested in leasing a physical office to match your business’s virtual one? Contact one of our property specialists today to find your spot in our over 1.5 million square feet of space available in South Florida.

With spring only days away, it’s time to begin thinking about warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and, you guessed it, spring cleaning. Everyone enjoys the benefits of spring cleaning at home — dusting away to fresher countertops and sweeping out the unhomely clutter. But a healthy spring cleaning in the office can boost productivity and happiness at the workplace as well. We at Genet Property Group are here to provide you with 3 recommendations to help clear the office cobwebs and put your business on track for a successful spring.


1. Organize, organize, organize!

It’s easy to let things fall out of place, just set a paper down haphazardly when you’re busy with clients or other matters. Spring is the time of year to freshen up and buckle down to put everything in its place! Make the office more efficient by spending the part of a day making sure everything has its place, and that it’s there.

2. Out with the old!

While in the process of organizing, you’ll probably notice a lot of things — reports, files, etc. — that are no longer relevant. Instead of just keeping everything old around, chuck the stuff that’s no longer needed! Clearing the office of unnecessary papers and files will create more space for growth and a cleaner mind.

3. Have some fun!

The winter months, even in not-so-cold South Florida, can bring with them the Winter Blues. Take some time in the spring to let the office enjoy themselves. Host a spring office party, bring some treats, offer incentives for productivity or even cleaning. Cleaning out the bad and putting in the good doesn’t have to just be for the office environment — have it be for the office mood!

With over 20 springs under our belt as a devoted property management firm, Genet Property Group is ready for the seasons to change, and we hope you are as well! Interested in leasing a spring-cleaned office for your business? Contact one of our property specialists today to find your spot in our over 1.5 million square feet of space available in South Florida.