Multiple studies show that an often overlooked part of the office life –the space itself!- can be a big contributor to the general atmosphere of an office. The happiest employees usually credit some of their satisfaction to the ambiance, or feeling of being in the office, and a significant part of this actually lies in the space itself.

On average, full-time American employees who work in offices spend the biggest portion of their time either at home or in the office. In a way, you could look at the office as a second home: a place where one wants to feel comfortable and invited.


There are multiple different ways to achieve the look of the kind of office space you want- while there is no one decoration that will guarantee to be everyone’s favorite, there are several effective tips and techniques to strategically design your office space so as to maximize employee satisfaction and beautify your space.

First, one of the most traditional ‘given’s of office space is the overall layout- sometimes cubicles, other times personal offices, and sometimes general open ‘floors’. Very often, office spaces are combinations of all of these, and multiple other options. Personal offices are a great way to showcase appreciation towards your top employees, while cubicles offer privacy while compromising with a fairly open layout, plus the added benefit of saving a great amount of space. Most recently, community layouts, featuring clusters of desks, open floors –with no separating walls or cubicles- and ‘casual’ bits of furniture (think poufs, beanbags, standing or exercise desks) strewn about contribute to a more relaxed and collaborative atmosphere, where communication is made easier by the lack of any physical separation.

The type of furniture provided by the company is also not to be ignored. Exercise desks, or standing desks such as Stir (a “kinetic desk”), are popular amongst companies in the Silicon Valley, but sales have also started to rise in the New York area. These desks let your employees stand or even walk and run on the treadmill as they work- an ambitious way to promote exercise, activity, and alertness throughout the (work)day.

Lastly, the decorative scheme of the office is not to be overlooked. Colors are a wonderful aspect to consider in choosing a “look” for your office- or in deciding to redecorate and revamp it! You can coordinate colors from various parts and places in your office –from the desks to the furniture to the floors, ceilings, walls, and even restrooms- to create a cohesive color palette: colors that match, contrast, or work beautifully together to create a distinct and friendly atmosphere. Of course, in South Florida, an unbeatable view on palm trees and sunshine is never to be beat.

Of course, those in charge of the space must have their personal preferences, whether it comes to color, furniture, decoration, or the overall office layout. Some businesses provide soothing, focused atmospheres in cleverly neutral white, gray, and beige palettes, perhaps with minimalist furniture so as to let nothing distract from the foremost and important tasks at hand. Others might go for a more energetic and eccentric atmosphere, incorporating brighter or more daring bright shades, architecturally-inspired design furniture, and possibly even artwork or positive quotes and messages to decorate those office walls. With Genet Property Group, our mission is to provide you with the best possible property offerings, perfectly tailored to your needs and desires- because we know the real estate market can be daunting to navigate, and choosing the best for your employees and your clients is the first step to a happier business, and a happier office. However you approach office space, we hope we’ve inspired you to look at space differently, seeing an opportunity to come in to work every day with a smile, feeling as if your office is truly a second home. Now, what do you want your home to be? Genet Property Group is here to help you achieve it.

Who knew that real estate was such movie material?!
It could very well be that our staff here at Genet Group will become the next reality starts on national television. Coming into our careers in real estate, we most certainly wouldn’t have assumed this to bring us closer to opportunities in the television or media industry.

Over the past few years, however, television shows seem to have taken an interest in a variety of interesting fields this industry has to offer.


Most recently, Snooki, a reality TV-famous star made famous through the show Jersey Shore, appears in Nicole and Jionni’s Shore Flip alongside her husband Jionni, also from the world of entertainment. The show centers on this husband-and-wive’s money-making habit of “flipping” properties, or purchasing them in what turns out to be their prime, reselling them once their value goes up for more than originally purchased.

On other networks, TV producers focus on reeling viewers in with dreams of luxurious properties and insanely beautiful but expensive mansions, houses, and apartments or condos. House Hunters is a series that takes place in multiple dreamy and exotic locations abroad and here at home in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Though it is a bit more far-fetched to follow the adventures of these American city elites in the search of their next house candy, and some might prefer down-to-earth shows, it can also be fun to marvel at the internationally coveted properties the show covers, and the breathtaking images -and prices- these properties may elicit in viewers.


Storage Wars is the last, but possibly the funniest item we have in our list. Much more down-to-earth and relatable, this show follows “storage war” couples –sometimes married, sometimes lovers, sometimes family, almost always friends- fight each other (never to the death) in order to retrieve always-mysterious contents of storage units. The shows consists of tracking these couples’ bids for storage houses –despite them not knowing what they contain- and following the winning couple’s discovery of the items inside upon opening the storage unit. While this moment, the last in every episode, is a great thrill of a surprise, we might argue the best part of the show is actually getting to know the storage couples and seeing them fight for their property together- here at Genet Group, we love to see people get as passionate as we are about good property, no matter who they are!