As 2015 comes to a close, we at Genet Property Group would like to reflect on another great year. From showing support and being a part of the MS Gala Luncheon in January, to the acquisition of our new Magnolia Business Park property containing over 49,000 sq. ft. of modern rental space in September, to Genet Property Group topping the list of Top Commercial Property Management Firms in South Florida by the SF Business Journal, GPG has had a productive and exciting year. The continued success of Genet Property Group wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of all of our property specialists, staff, and our clients that trust and honor us with service and dedication just as we do unto them.


To recap a great year of posts and informative articles on our website, all with the goal of helping our clients and potential clients understand better their options in property management, here is a list of the Top 5 Informational Posts from GPG of 2015.


  1. Location, Location, Location

“The real estate market in South Florida follows trends like most industries but the commercial market is distinct from the residential. Residential property is typically organized in a much denser fashion than commercial. Commercial property is designed to service the residential communities in the surrounding areas. When looking at where the top cities for commercial property are located it’s also relevant to understand the residential market as well.”


2) Upgrade Your Office

“Managing a new business from a home office may seem like a viable and easy option to start off, but home offices have their limits (and those limits make themselves known quickly). Exploring available opportunities in commercial office and warehouse space is a vital and important part of growing a business. Genet Property Group has over 20 years of experience connecting growing businesses with the perfect spaces to fit their needs.”


3) More Than Just A Warehouse

“Are you considering leasing warehouse space, but are not sure what for? Lucky for you, the experts at Genet Property Group are here to help.

Think of a warehouse like a clean slate. The possibilities are endless!”


4) South Florida Flex Space

“A growing trend in the commercial space for lease market is the increasingly popular option of leasing commercial flex space in South Florida. Flex space is an innovative way for businesses with frequently changing needs to have exactly the amount of commercial space that they need at any given time.”


5) Storage Unit Decisions

“Finding the right storage solution involves many decisions. The geographic location is only one aspect that must be kept in mind when you consider storage units. A storage facility in South Florida should have all of the elements you require such as clear accessibility and of course the right amount of storage space for your things. An important thing to know when looking for a storage unit in South Florida is how to determine how much storage space you will need. Fortunately, there is help for this task. By using a few tools you will can easily and accurately pinpoint the size storage to lease.”