With the race for the 2016 Presidential nominations underway, the Presidential hopefuls are scooping up the majority of news stories and headlines. Even if it’s just a noteworthy quote, like Bernie Sanders having enough of Hillary Clinton’s emails, or Donald Trump commenting on Rand Paul’s looks (or lack thereof), the opinions and thoughts of the candidates are scrutinized and published for the world to see. Now, sure, the debates and discussions on foreign policy, economics, immigration, etc. are important for us all to watch intently so we as Americans can judge well who should be our next leader. But it’s mostly the good stuff, the really juicy and interesting opinions, that we all watch the races for. While political campaigns are serious, there’s a huge amount of entertainment to them as well. That’s why Genet Property Group is here to let you know how we think each top presidential candidate would answer the vitally important question: “If you could be any type of property, which would you be?”

Hillary Clinton — Flex Space

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would definitely be flex space. She’s someone who’s quick to adapt to a situation — she can be hard and strong while also wearing a bright green, inviting pantsuit. Flex space is exactly like this, providing usually an office type setting within a warehouse that can be used for many purposes — there’s usually the space for air conditioning and more power usage than normal office space, but it keeps that office charm.

Donald Trump — Retail

Businessman Donald Trump is the prime fit to be retail space. He has an economic mind, always spouting information about his huge success stories and huge amounts of money he’s earned from them. Retail space is used for the same success — in selling goods to other people, usually containing floor space for showing wares, parking, and an appealing look to lure in customers (Donald’s orange hair?).

Bernie Sanders — Office Space

Longtime senator Bernie Sanders is the embodiment of office space: a man who is definitely by now used to sitting in meetings, conversing with colleagues by the water fountain, and guarding his leftovers in the congressional break room refrigerator. Office space, usually containing many cubicles and offices, is utilized for the paper-pushing side of a business or work environment. Bernie Sanders, having pushed a few papers through Congress into laws himself, fits this property to a T.

Ben Carson — Warehouse

Renowned surgeon Ben Carson, not fitting necessarily into any of the other spaces as well as the other candidates, would be warehouse space by default. A warehouse, often a large space capable of storage for wares, vehicles, or equipment such as machines and tools, could probably be turned into a surgical environment with enough renovation. But as useful as a warehouse space is, it’s probably not the most friendly environment for an operation.

This 2016, when you’re voting for the next President of the United States, be sure to remember Genet Property Group and their commitment to addressing the often forgotten property perspective to American politics. And if you’re also looking to lease any flex space, retail space, office space, or warehouse space this election season, remember that Genet Property Group offers over 1.5 million square feet of these properties in South Florida — and give one of our property professionals a call.