winter is coming

The seasons are beginning to change and the winter holidays are anxious for Thanksgiving to come and go so the world can be bombarded with the need to decorate, to buy gifts for family and friends, and to prepare homes and properties for festive fun and gatherings. Luckily, we South Floridians will go untouched by one aspect of the winter holidays seen much more frequently in the north: the blistering cold and snow. For renters and property owners alike this is a great luxury, and we at Genet Property Group are here to remind you of all of the damages and casualties to property that we have the fortune to avoid.


According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2014 the insured damages from winter weather were estimated to have exceeded $2.3 billion. This in total is nearly 7% of all damages across the United States — meaning that South Florida is safe from almost 1/10 of all of the damage costs that happen in the country. These damages are issues such as pipes freezing, building and roof collapse from snow, and the interruption of services and utilities because of icy conditions. A huge relief is the lack of any business loss in South Florida due to winter weather — in Massachusetts, according to & The Associated Press, there was a loss of $1 billion in wages and profits due to a singular weather storm in March.

While South Floridians may have a couple of extra concerns surrounding tropical weather, not having to deal with winter conditions is something to be thankful for, especially when that weather can interrupt personal or business matters and might cause property damages as well. For the best in your winter-safe property needs, Genet Property Group offers over 1.5 million square feet of office, warehouse, and residential space in South Florida. Contact a property management professional at or 954.572.9159 to secure your warm and sunny lease today.

Businesses that need to lease space and anticipate that the size of their business may change during the course of the lease often consider leasing a flex space. Flex space is usually commercial space for lease found in buildings zoned for light industrial use.

During the 1970s, it was not unusual for industrial building to locate their loading docks in the front of the building. Many times, employees and visitors had to weave through the trucks in order to enter the building. These commercial buildings were very unsightly and the following decade saw high demand for more office space and far better looking industrial building. Architects and developers moved the loading docks to the back of the structures, added much needed parking and high ceilings.

Companies like flex space as it can be used for multiple purposes. Inventory, office space, and light production can all share flex space in a commercial building. Other uses of flex space include showrooms, laboratories, retail space, or even an area for assembly and shipping.

Earth Day may be six months away, but it is never too early to “go green.” Turning your warehouse or office into an eco-friendly space can make a difference not only in the environment, but in your wallet as well.




The Three R’s


Everyone knows that the first step towards a cleaner planet is to reduce waste, reuse materials, and, of course, to recycle. However, especially in a warehouse or office environment, it is easy to forget to do these three simple things. In the warehouse, lots of cardboard and packing materials are wasted. If you get into the habit of reusing boxes and packing materials until they are no longer usable and then recycling them, you can save your company money while becoming more “green.” Additionally, it is okay to reuse pallets! On average, more than half of the wooden pallets in a warehouse are thrown out after only being used once. Instead of being wasteful, reuse your pallets, and make sure to recycle them afterwards. In the office, keep tabs on supplies, such as pens, sticky notes, staples, etc. This way, everyone will know how much of each supply is in stock and will therefore be less wasteful.


Energy Efficiency


Cutting down on energy usage is a big way to save money for your business, not to mention it’s great for the environment, too! Instead of using inefficient, heat-emitting incandescent lighting, install fluorescent lighting in your warehouse or office space. Fluorescent bulbs use less energy, give off the same amount of light, and produce nearly no heat. This will allow you to turn down the thermostat and save even more energy! Consider installing motion sensors in zones that are not occupied often, and make sure to take advantage of natural lighting as well. In the warehouse, it is beneficial to use electric, as opposed to gas, forklifts. This is not only to better the environment, but for the health of employees due to the elimination of emissions given-off by gas forklifts.


Go Digital


Of course, there are a lot of things that unfortunately must be printed, but there are also a lot of things that do not necessarily have to be. For the things that you do not have to make physical copies of, you can send them via email, incorporate them into a slide show, or post them online. This way, you can save a significant amount of paper and ink that can now be used for other things.


All of this “going green” really is worth it in the end. The reducing, reusing, and recycling adds up, and before you know it, your company will be saving the environment, as well as saving lots of money.