As an experienced real estate management company in South Florida, we know there is a very positive side to leasing commercial property versus buying.

Office space for lease

One of the most important differences is that when leasing, a tenant has support when handling issues on the property. This makes leasing from a reputable company very important, because problems that arise on the property can be confusing to handle. A good management company can guide you through the process, and be there for you whenever needed.

Another reason to lease over buy is cost. A large amount of funds are needed to make a substantial purchase—those monies are often better used to grow your business.

When leasing a commercial property, there are certain expenses that the tenant is responsible for, and others that the landlord is responsible for. For example, when structural damage occurs (ex. roof damage), the owner is responsible to fix the issue. If the tenant had owned the property, it would have been his/her responsibility to pay for repairs. Your business should be generating profits, not repairs. Leasing from a responsible and communicative management company makes it easier to operate your business with a clear mind.

Genet Property Group services all of South Florida, including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Broward County. We have a complete, up-to-date listing for each and every one of our Broward County offices for rent, valuable warehouse spaces in Miami, and professional office spaces throughout South Florida.

Genet Property Group is a responsive and reliable real estate leasing company that puts tenants first – we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with your decision to lease from us.



If you are currently leasing a warehouse or are looking into doing so, it’s time to consider how to maximize your space. You are paying for the entire warehouse, so use the entire warehouse! Reorganization is not an easy task. However, the benefits are far-reaching.


Using boxes and containers can be a great organization method, but it all depends on execution. Many businesses tend to use uniform storage containers, which is not necessarily the best option. Storing product in a container that does not perfectly suit the product being stored leads to the issue of poorly utilized warehouse space. Though it is simpler to believe that “one size fits all,” in reality, that is not the case. When only a fraction of a box’s space is occupied, even if that fraction is 90% or even 95%, a significant amount of space is being wasted. For every box that is filled 95% with product, 5% of that box is storing air. If a warehouse contains 1,000 2ft x 2ft boxes filled 95% of the way each, 200 square feet of space is being thrown away!


Properly utilizing your warehouse space not only helps you to get more for your money, but it also leads to better management of inventory. When you use differently sized containers to store your different types of product, finding particular items is much easier! Efficiently utilizing your warehouse space makes for a well-organized warehouse in which locating and moving product is far more convenient.


For those of you who have not yet found your perfect space out of our over 1.5 million square feet available in South Florida, contact one of the professionals at Genet Property Group to get started.


There’s a daunting number of websites, apps, and resources online that are meant to help any business or office more effectively organize for better productivity. The sheer number makes the task of searching for the right resources a time-consuming one. While the general task of a property group is to match a business/customer with their perfect space, we at Genet Property Group go an extra step by providing key and useful resources for clients through our website’s blog section. Finding and utilizing the correct physical space is key, but so is optimizing your virtual space for better productivity as well.


The following are five online resources for optimizing an office setting for more productive work both physically and virtually.


Google Apps for Work

Create the ideal virtual office space. Perhaps the most well-known, Google Apps is a suite of applications similar to Microsoft Office that includes email, word document editing, spreadsheets, forms, video chatting, calendars, and more. Free for 30 days, this service allows seamless communication and collaboration for projects from anywhere on any device with exceptional security you’d expect from a company like Google.


The Green Office

Build an environmentally friendly work space. The Green Office online store has everything an office could need, from paper, pens, and supplies, to furniture, technology, and appliances for the break room, and all of it green.


Advising Resources

While this resource is dedicated to organizing an academic office specifically, the links and information available can help anyone looking to start fresh and create a more productive office space. There are even links to help overcome office design issues such as traffic jam and underutilized spaces.



Slack is a free service for communication between project partners, co-workers, and production teams both within and outside the office. Recently launched, Slack has apps on all of the major operating systems and allows for easy communication and file sharing in channels and private messages with archives so you’ll never lose important information.



An extension for the Google Chrome browser, Grammarly uses advanced spell-checking and grammar technology to find even the smallest errors in emails and word documents. This app helps to keep your writing official and neat to optimize the professionalism of your office and business.


While the main goal of Genet Property Group is to help you find and manage your perfect spot in one of our 19 properties and over 1.5 million square feet of space in South Florida, we are proud to support your business’s success in that space by providing useful information.

To learn more about Genet Property Group and your office and warehouse space leasing options, contact one of our professionals today.