There are many factors to consider in regard to your leased space. However, one that is often overlooked is the color scheme. When choosing the perfect color scheme, it is important that you keep in mind other aspects besides solely the aesthetic element. The colors of your space can actually greatly affect productivity. For example, you may think that a pale yellow color would best suit your office. However, unless you’re in the design business or some other industry that requires creative thought, yellow is probably not the best choice. You might want to consider blue, which is known to be the most productive color for mental stimulation. This would be ideal for an office in which calculations are made often and not as much creativity is necessary. Color schemes are equally as important in a warehouse environment. If your warehouse space is being used for a gym or cross-fit center, or even if it is being used for storage, red would make a lot of sense. The color red stimulates physical productivity, which can be helpful when moving heavy boxes or jogging on a treadmill. Green, since it is a combination of yellow and blue, creates a balanced atmosphere and works well in almost any environment. Of course, these colors alone can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you paint an entire warehouse red! For this reason, it is completely fine to pair the color that works best for your desired purpose with something neutral, like a shade of white or gray. Here at Genet Property Group, we encourage you to consider the information discussed in this article when deciding upon the color scheme of your leased property.



When you’re in the market for office space, calculating the correct size for your needs can be difficult. The vastly different size and location options available through property management groups like Genet Property Group are beneficial, but understanding which of the options is the one for you is an important part of the process. Without the right know-how, the danger of spending too much money renting space you don’t need, or renting too little space for your needs, is high. Both of these situations can stunt your growth as a business and can serve as roadblocks to future success. Renting space should stimulate growth, not detriment it. By understanding the correct measurements for office size and utilizing a property group with knowledge and experience, you can find the perfect space for your needs and ensure your business benefits from it.


The most important aspect to understand is one of the simplest: the standard measurement for renting any sort of space is in square feet. Understanding how much square feet you will need for each employee and for each element of the office is the basis for knowing your space needs. James Bucki at offers an easy estimate guideline for the amount of square feet for each aspect of an office:


Employees Requiring Offices

  • President (400 sq. ft.)


  • Vice Presidents (200 sq. ft.)


  • Managers (150 sq. ft.)



Employees Requiring Cubicles

  • Secretaries (125 sq. ft.)


  • Customer Service Reps (125 sq. ft.)


  • Accountants (150 sq. ft.)


  • Programmers (125 sq. ft.)


  • Engineers (175 sq. ft.)



Employees Open Area

  • Data Entry (125 sq. ft.)


  • Clerks (125 sq. ft.)


  • Temporary Employees (100 sq. ft.)



Other Office Area Requirements

  • Reception Area (100 sq. ft. + 10 sq. ft. per person waiting)


  • Conference Room (50 sq. ft + 25 sq. ft. per person seated)


  • Mail Room (125 sq. ft.)


  • Work Room (125 sq. ft.)


  • File Room (200 sq. ft.)


  • Storage Room or Library (200 sq. ft.)


  • Lunch/Break Room (75 sq. ft. + 25 sq. ft. per person seated)


  • Other Specialty Areas (size varies depending upon usage)



It is important to also factor in any future needs. While renting a facility with too much space can possibly lead to the space being filled in the future, buying the exact amount of space necessary for a growing business in the present can mean a swift relocation in the future.


Arriving at a good estimate of the amount of square feet needed for an office is a step that can greatly pay off in the long run. Considering the future and thinking long-term is also key. With this knowledge at hand and a great property management group willing to help, the perfect office space is within sight.



With over 20 years of experience assisting clients find their ideal space, Genet Property Group is willing and exceptionally able to do just the same for you. Contact one of our property specialists today to find your spot in our over 1.5 million square feet of space available in South Florida.


We are so excited to announce our acquisition of a new property: Magnolia Business Park. At over 49,000 square feet, this modern, well-located property will provide Genet Property Group’s tenants with office space that demonstrates modern professionalism at our always-affordable lease prices. This acquisition exemplifies our commitment to providing top-notch rental space to businesses in South Florida, and we’re only just getting started!

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Are you considering leasing warehouse space, but are not sure what for? Lucky for you, the experts at Genet Property Group are here to help.

Think of a warehouse like a clean slate. The possibilities are endless!




This may seem like an obvious option. However, what if you don’t know exactly what to store? You don’t need to be a big business with machinery and shelves upon shelves of product and materials to store things in a warehouse – You can store just about anything else! Do you have a collection on antiques that you simply have no room for in your home? Perhaps you like to stock up on paper goods and nonperishables, but you’re running out of space in your supply closet and pantry. Stop allowing your home to fill up with clutter, and lease yourself a warehouse today!




Every day, you stare at that pesky treadmill in the corner of your bedroom. When are you going to use that old thing for exercise instead of just a clothing rack? Leasing a warehouse can be a fresh start! In addition to that treadmill, pull out the couple of yoga mats you have hiding in the back of your closet. Buy some weights, an elliptical, maybe even an exercise bike. Making your own personal gym isn’t as difficult as it seems. Lease some warehouse space, and you’re already halfway there! Don’t even get us started with the earning potential of warehouse-based crossfit centers…



You seem like a party person, but when is the last time you’ve thrown a hootenanny of your own? Maybe your home is just not suited for large crowds, or maybe you don’t want Barbara spilling wine on your new white couch. Whatever the reason, it is clear that leasing a warehouse is the way to go.

We hope these ideas have inspired you. If so, Genet Property Group can get you started.