So, here you are. You and your warehouse. They’ve been on your tail, pressuring you to utilize your warehouse to house your various wares. This choice may appear to be a good choice. It is not. You should utilize your warehouse to house various stray bears. This is a good choice. There are reasons this is a good choice. Here are the reasons.

10 Reasons Why You Should Turn Your Warehouse Into A Bear House:


1. It is a fact that at any point in time, there are at least a handful of bears within your three-mile radius that need a home.

2. Getting bears off the streets early prevents them from heading down a dangerous path paved with drugs, gang warfare, and other forms of debauchery.

3. Bears have never been known to pay the rent late. Sometimes bears pay the rent early.

4. Whilst giving you the respect you deserve, the bears will treat you as more than just their landlord. You are guaranteed a yearly Christmas card, offers to babysit your non-bear children, and invitations to the various soirées that the bears are sure to throw.

5. Speaking of soirées, bears throw the best ones.

6. Bears are known to be tolerant of all ethnicities and religions. If you bring your friends of various ethnicities and religions to your warehouse, the bears will be courteous.

7. They are 100%, legitimate, authentic bears. NOT PANDA BEARS.

8. Bears are known to be avid collectors of post-impressionist works of art. They will probably keep this art in the warehouse and will probably let you see it.

9. Bears value hygiene. Whenever you come ‘round, the warehouse is sure to smell of a faint blend of lilac and mint.

10. Bears will never break your heart.

We are honored to report that the South Florida Business Journal has featured Genet Property Group in their 2015 Top Commercial Property Management Firms List. We are committed to providing remarkable service to each and every one of our clients and are thankful for recognition of this determination.

We Made The List

Since 1986 the South Florida Business Journal has provided influential business insights and knowledge to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. A division of the American City Business Journals, the South Florida publication is among 40 other prominent, award-winning periodicals. The South Florida Business Journal’s annual lists of top companies recognize the esteemed and reputable, as well as the businesses most successful in the area. Their list of Top Commercial Property Management Firms ranks firms based on the total area of property in South Florida managed. Genet Property Group is honored to rank highly among firms such as CBRE Group, Stiles Corporation, and Jones Lang La Salle in this category.

Genet Property Group provides premier services and affordable, convenient commercial property solutions for businesses across South Florida. Our recognized, expansive 1.5 million square feet of commercial space ensures Genet Property Group’s promise to provide the highest quality and quantity of property management options. We continually strive to exceed performance and hope for annual recognition in the property firm list by the South Florida Business Journal in the future.

To learn more about Genet Property Group’s highly regarded services contact one of our property management professionals today.

overhead costs

The most important factors to consider when making business decisions are costs. The smallest details in the business process can cost a company when unexpected expenses arise. Understanding and keeping track of the various overhead costs necessary can ensure that a business consistently runs smoothly. Examples of these overhead costs include rent, production equipment repairs, and utility fees. A good business finds the most manageable fixed overhead that also guarantees a low risk for increases in variable costs. Leasing from a reputable property management group like Genet Property Group ensures a cost-efficient and secure investment in both fixed and variable overhead.

A flat rate lease for commercial office space or warehouse space allows a business to factor into its plans a simple, fixed overhead cost. Utilities such as air conditioning, water, etc. are included or the costs and prices are usually set, removing the danger of creeping fees or bills. Property groups that lease out these spaces maintain and take care of their commercial facilities, removing the cost burden of building maintenance from your business. Leasing allows a business to run more securely without worry of these surprise costs.

Renting commercial warehouse or office space from a trustworthy and secure property firm like Genet Property Group also lessens concerns about the variable overhead costs from accidents and the wear and tear of equipment. The high-quality storage and warehouse spaces available for leasing from Genet Property Group protect machinery and appliances while fostering an efficient and safe environment for business. Our spaces lower the cost of business while heightening the potential for profits.

Contact the professionals at Genet Property Group to learn more about how leasing our South Florida commercial spaces can help your business better manage its costs.

Managing a new business from a home office may seem like a viable and easy option to start off, but home offices have their limits (and those limits make themselves known quickly). Exploring available opportunities in commercial office and warehouse space is a vital and important part of growing a business. Genet Property Group has over 20 years of experience connecting growing businesses with the perfect spaces to fit their needs.

Knowing the benefits to commercial space is the first step for a business that truly wants to advance beyond the limitations of a home office.

Business Growth

Business Growth

Working out of a home office limits a business’s growth in size and in recognition. A home office doesn’t allow for co-workers or an expansion of personnel. Employees or colleagues must work remotely and are disconnected from one another. On top of this, working at home leaves a business without appropriate meeting space for clients, minimizing potential sales and driving away potential clients. Without a professional space, the growth of a business is stunted.

By leasing commercial space, a business’s growth is stimulated. With the space to do so, a company’s employee base can grow, meet, and collaborate, boosting productivity. Potential and already-existing clients will also take a business with office space more seriously. These enhancements boost a business’s recognition and create an environment that fosters further sales and exchange, creating growth.

Professional Atmosphere

Professional Atmosphere

Mixing the personal and professional by having the hub of a business located in the midst of home life is dangerous for a growing company. Whether it’s family that doesn’t respect the boundaries, housework that needs to be done, or the big screen TV and entertainment system just a room away, working from a home office comes with countless distractions that limit productivity.

Commercial space removes personal distractions completely. An office away from home separates the personal and professional and allows for focus on business during the work day rather than family or fun. For the necessary hiatus from work a break room can even be stocked with a kitchen and entertainment.

Ample Space

Ample Space

What comes to mind when you hear the words “home office” is most likely the image of a miniature room with a singular desk and papers strewn everywhere: a venture too big for its environment. While it may work for a time, a home office is usually unfit space to accommodate a growing business.

Whether you’re worrying about inventory or where to put the assistant you desperately need, leasing commercial space can solve your problems. No matter if it’s office space, warehouse space, or flex space that can be used to fit your needs as they grow, leasing commercial space is crucial for a business with growing product and personnel.

If you want to boost productivity and grow your business beyond the limitations of a home office, Genet Property Group is the perfect place to start. Located in South Florida, Genet Property Group provides easy leasing and payment options for office, retail, industrial warehouse and flex space. We can help you find the perfect space to fit your needs and make your business thrive.