Parking space can be one of the most difficult to maneuver areas when leasing commercial real estate. As a business owner, you need to balance your budget, your employee’s needs and your commercial real estate company to find the best vehicle storage solution. The need to lease parking space in South Florida may occur in a couple of different ways depending on your situation. Further, it may not always involve cars as many South Florida residents need to store boats or small watercraft such as a Jet Ski or Sea Doo.

Parking space for lease in Sunrise

Using Concessions to Secure Parking

When leasing your office space, you may be able to get vehicle storage integrated into your leasing agreement through concessions. Leasing vehicle storage may even allow you to increase and decrease the amount of vehicles you have parking on premises. Your commercial real estate leasing agent will let you know the requirements for a particular property. It is important to discuss your parking needs early on in lease negotiations because some buildings have limits regarding how many parking stalls they are allowed to give per square foot of leased space.

Finding Leased Parking in South Florida

In the case that your office space or warehouse space does not offer your required amount of parking space for vehicle storage, there are many other storage facilities that include parking space for lease. Parking space is often included as a competitive benefit in the South Florida area to attract better talent. However, it’s also not unheard of for an office to ask their employees to secure their own parking.

Leasing Parking Space for Boats and Watercraft

There are times when leasing parking space is ideal even for non-commercial reasons. Do you have a boat or other watercraft that’s taking space in your yard? Storing these bulky items within leased parking space is an excellent solution, especially if you find that you don’t seem to use these items as often as you used to. With a convenient parking space for lease, you can use your boat or watercraft when you want without having to worry about storage.

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