A growing trend in the commercial space for lease market is the increasingly popular option of leasing commercial flex space in South Florida. Flex space is an innovative way for businesses with frequently changing needs to have exactly the amount of commercial space that they need at any given time.

Flex Space for Lease in Broward County

Flex space works much the way that it sounds: flexible commercial or industrial property that can be reconfigured for whatever the company using it needs. This is useful for two primary reasons. The first is that flex space for lease can be used for different purposes as your company’s needs change. The second reason is that flex space for rent can usually be leased for much shorter terms than traditional leases. This flexibility allows a company to grow at a natural pace. Flex space has become a popular option for several industries, including:


Electrical and other contractors are often out in the field working on projects, and don’t necessarily need an office or cubicle for each employee. Flex space gives contracting companies the ability to convert some of their space into storage, or even reduce the overall size of their leased space when it is not needed.


Similar to contractors, a mechanic’s business can be cyclical. The ability to increase or decrease the amount of space being leased can help mechanics save money when business is slow and quickly increase capacity when business picks up again.


Internet and other startup companies love the idea of flex space because it allows them to quickly grow their business without needing to commit ahead of time. In addition, the ever-changing needs of a startup are highly conducive to a flex space lease model.

There are numerous other industries where leasing a flex space is a practical and financially wise decision. If you aren’t sure if flex space is right for you, be sure to speak with a professional commercial leasing company in South Florida about your options. Call Genet Property Group at 954-572-9159.

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