Is it possible to build a friendly office space for lease? Does one-size-fit-all projects? What about the aspect of whether an individual work space increases productivity among the workers? On the other hand, is it possible to create a better environment by giving everyone their own private workspace?

professional office space for lease in Ft. Lauderdale

Research shows that in commercial properties in South Florida, productivity is being lost at the altar of the open office. Do not trap your employees at their desks all day. By encouraging your team to interact on a personal level, you can foster a healthy work environment.

Make your office is sound proof. If you have the luxury of doing so, use sound-deadening features in your commercial real estate for lease. Build them into your walls and floors, if need be. Consider plywood wrapped in fabric if remodeling the office space. This combination will also keep the office noise free.

While leasing office space in South Florida, you could also partition it into specific areas. Consider a collaboration area for your employees. This area is supposed to inspire free and creative thinking among employees. A formal setting should not be stressed.

Have a quiet zone too when leasing commercial real estate. These are spaces to get things done. It is a room to stretch out and focus on the task at hand while still keeping your employees nearby for a quick brain storm. Build it to cope with the occasional passerby.

You could also include a fun zone in your office space for lease. A fun zone is that place that games and art work is encouraged. The idea is to help your team build the kind of rapport that makes thinking and creating together a fun experience.

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When leasing commercial warehouse space in South Florida, it is important to choose the right warehouse equipment and use it safely. Doing so increases productivity while driving down the costs. Forklifts and pallet jacks are the two most common ways to move inventory from one place to another in a commercial setting. The following points are just suggestions to think about when considering the best way to transport inventory. They are not, however, official safety rules.

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Size of the Storage Space

This is a crucial factor when choosing between a pallet jack and forklift. A forklift is more appropriate for larger facilities while a pallet jack can be utilized for warehouses that span only a short distance. However, if a warehouse is large enough for a forklift, it is likely that a pallet jack will be useful as well to navigate shorter distances.

Size of the Load

Another important factor to consider when choosing between a forklift, pallet jack or both, is the size of the load expected at the facility. For those businesses that typically only transport light and/or fragile loads that require special care, a pallet jack could be the ideal transportation tool. For larger loads, or those businesses that ship and receive inventory of all sizes, a forklift and a pallet jack is likely to be the best choice.

Employee Training

Forklift operators in Florida are required to undergo training in order to meet federal OSHA regulations. In order to be cost effective, it is best to have at least a couple of trained operators on each shift to ensure sufficient coverage. A pallet jack, on the other hand, can be operated by any employee after just a short and informal training session.

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* DISCLAIMER: The above mentioned tips are only suggestions and not official safety rules.