If your company currently uses commercial properties and warehouse space in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach, you have a variety of warehouse space for lease and office space for lease options. In order to best take advantage of the variety of options for rent, it is important to look at exactly what the needs of your business are. One of the questions many businesses face is whether to have your warehouse at the same location as your commercial office space or to have it in a different location.

Warehouse Space in Miami

On-site warehouse or off-site warehouse

One of the benefits of having a warehouse on site is the convenience of being able to see what is going on in both locations at the same time. Interaction between office and warehouse staff can also help to streamline day-to-day activities at your company.

However, this convenience comes at a cost. Sometimes, commercial parks won’t have any facilities that can serve as a fully-fledged warehouse. Other times, even if the capacity is available, it is cost-prohibitive. In addition, commercial zones are often far from heavy industrial zones, such as seaports and airports. It might be more beneficial to have your warehouse close to areas such as these that they will interact with on a regular basis instead of being close to office staff who can effectively communicate with the warehouse via phone or e-mail.

Whatever type of warehouse you choose to utilize, always speak with a reputable company known for property management in South Florida before ever leasing commercial real estate in South Florida. Firsthand knowledge of the market will help you get the best value for your money, as well as all of the logistical considerations you might not have even thought of. For more information about professional office space and warehouse space in Miami and South Florida, visit the Genet Property Group  website, or call us at 954-572-9159.

Every year, more businesses and individuals are choosing to move to South Florida. South Florida is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the premier economic hubs in the United States.


There are numerous benefits to starting or moving your business to South Florida, including:

Established and Developed Metropolitan Infrastructure

Unlike New York and Los Angeles, which have grown beyond what their infrastructure can comfortably support, South Florida and the Miami metropolitan area have managed to house and support well over 5.5 million residents without many of the pollution and congestion issues typically associated with major metropolitan areas. Thanks to the 5 major interstate highways, three international airports, and four commercial seaports, South Florida is growing at a rapid but controllable place, making it perfect for any business owner looking to grow their business. Delray Beach office space is just one of many fantastic places to have a location.

Fantastic Location and Weather

It is hard to beat the weather in South Florida. While there is certainly some humidity, residence of South Florida typically enjoy many days of beautiful sunshine and warm weather.

Great Value for your Money

On average, real estate prices are increasing at a slow and sustainable pace. This means that you can expect a growing economy, without commercial lease price shocks. You’ll be able to get far more commercial space for your money when compared to cities like Los Angeles or New York.

Leasing commercial real estate in South Florida is becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. As one of the hottest sectors of the US economy, property management in South Florida is understandably becoming a growing business. Before settling on specific warehouse space for lease or office space for lease in South Florida, you should speak with an experienced and reputable commercial properties company. Genet Property Group has been in business for over 20 years, with over 1.25 million square feet of commercial space for rent or for lease. For more information, visit our website, or contact us at 954-572-9159.

When you decide to connect with a property management company in South Florida, you should be aware of the leases that are available to you so that you can start business as soon as possible in the location you desire. Having an understanding about Commercial Real Estate in South Florida is best for any business.

Here are some of the commercial real estate leases that are available to you: net lease, modified net lease, and lastly gross lease.

warehouse space for rent in Miami

The Net Lease

This type of lease is popular with retail and small flex space tenants. The lease offers charges on operations and maintenance work done on industrial properties and commercial properties too. Taxes and insurance are usually include in this lease and are added to the total charges due. This type of lease is preferred in leasing commercial real estate in South Florida because it sets a level charge on rent, thus protecting the tenant from additional charges.

The Gross Lease or Full Service Lease

 This form of lease specifies the role of landlord in paying the taxes and insurance office space for lease and warehouse space for lease, while he pays the maintenance costs from the rent collected. This type of lease can be used especially in professional office space. The rent is usually fixed, however clauses do exist that give the landlord power to increase charges on South Florida Real Estate.

The Modified Net Lease

This form of lease falls as a compromise between the two types of lease–the net lease and gross lease. The tenant and landlord work together to pay the maintenance costs on, for example, plantation offices for lease, while the tenant agrees to cater for the taxes and insurance charges. This type of lease allows for flexibility and understanding on the part of both parties, the case would not be the same with a net lease.

Distinguishing elements amongst the three

1. The Gross Lease

The gross lease is said to stand individually from the rest of the commercial real estate leases, however most people cannot see the difference and hence it becomes hard to state its advantage over other forms of real estate leases.

2. The Triple Net Lease

This type of lease shelters the majority of the responsibility of charges that is required to be paid for rent to the tenant.

3. The Modified Net Lease

Allows for the workable payment of maintenance and operation charges, such as, in warehouse space in Miami, this type of lease is popular with both parties.