Whether you are a first time investor who is looking for property management in South Florida, or you are a seasoned investor who is looking for a change, you need to know how to choose the management company that is right for you. Finding this company can help you increase your investment potential while enjoying less stress about your properties.

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Solid Plan for Action

When it comes to leasing commercial real estate in South Florida, you want a property management company that has a clear plan of action. This plan should outline a variety of actions that have a singular focus: to get the best tenants into your office space for lease. It should cover everything from how the management company will advertise vacancies to screening tenants to showing properties.

Professional Demeanor

Whether you have warehouse space for lease or office space for lease, the face the public sees when representing your properties needs to be highly professional and knowledgeable. Exuding that professional air helps ensure that your properties are treated with the respect they deserve. In addition, the staff at the property management company needs to be well versed about what sets your property apart from other in the area.

Communication Matters

One of the primary reasons why you hire a property management company is so that you do not need to be involved in the day-to-day running of your investments. Turning over the tenant management, lawn maintenance schedule and the like, to someone else allows you to concentrate on finding other great investment properties. This does not mean that you do not want to know what is going on with your properties, though. Weekly, or monthly, reports that outline recent actions help keep you in the loop.

Narrowing down your choices when it comes to property management companies is possible with some legwork. Look at the track record of companies you are considering to make sure they have a good long term methodology.

For all property management in South Florida, be it commercial or residential, there is a required amount of rent to be paid periodically to the landlord. However, the two forms of real estate differ, for example, the charges on rent for a residential real estate tend to be fairly fixed with no chance of increment, but charges on office space for lease, tend to escalate. Here are some explanations as to why the commercial real estate rent charges increase.

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What are Rent Escalations?

This is the annual escalations in rent as increase in rent that are witnessed by tenants when it comes to leasing commercial real estate in South Florida. Most rent escalations, especially for warehouse space for lease, usually occur over a period of one year. The transfer of increased cost from the landlord to the tenant is made possible by the rent escalation clause. The rent escalation clause attached to deeds on professional office space, empowers the landlord to increase rent charge on your lease.

Types of Rent Escalations

Mostly these escalations for offices for rent in Broward County are attributed to increases in operation cost for example maintenance services, lighting and heating costs, insurance premiums.

The inclusion of taxes in the rent charges of South Florida real estate may result in an escalation in the charges on the flex space, such as plantation offices for lease, warehouses in Broward County, warehouse space in Miami, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

Why are Rent Escalations Necessary?

These escalations in rent on commercial properties are essential due to constant changes in operation charges. Most tenant feel the lease charge should be fixed on industrial properties, but this is non-applicable since the debt of increasing charges would accumulate in the landlord’s account. The escalation clause protects the landlord from lose due to increase operation charges.

As a tenant you should be keen to have understanding of the property rent escalation clause and the terms that are spelt out by the clause. By doing so, you will know when the property owner is abusing the mandate availed to him/her by the clause.

Most changes that affect how a business is structured usually also touch on the design and general outlook of the office space for lease.

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Office arrangement will indeed affect the way in which tenants choose any property and warehouse space for lease to set up their business. Experts on property management in South Florida insist that expensive commercial property that is poorly configured will sell less when leasing commercial real estate in South Florida. Here are a few of the best trends proven to work, especially when it comes to plantation offices for lease.

1. Collaboration Is the New Work Model

This simply means instituting changes that collaborate with the growing South Florida real estate needs while still maintaining a professional office space of the company or firm.

2. Private Offices.

Giving each employee his/her works station allows for better conducive working in commercial properties and privacy of thought. This design in industrial properties usually has a common conference room at the centre of these cubicles where meetings can be aired.

3. Shared Private Enclaves

If it is not possible to institute individual offices, steps should be taken to ensure that few as five or less people are actually sharing an office at any one time. The fewer the people the better the flex space for work progress and quality of output.

4. Optimum Work Spaces

Productivity of workers should not include caging of employees to their desks all day. However, it recommends that employees be allowed to work in spaces they find most convenient. Care should be taken in instituting this idea in Broward County offices for rent since some employees can take advantage of the situation to avoid work.

5. Management and Technology

Business managers should think along technological paths in order to setup and implement business plans when it comes to warehouses in Broward County. They should make advancements that allow them to utilize technological tools such as laptops, cellular phones and internet services to improve their businesses. Space for these essential tools should be included in the design of the office layout.

6. Activity-Based Planning in Space Design

For most warehouse space in Miami, work spaces should be designed with careful space allocation. For instance, a conference room in West Palm beach or Fort Lauderdale has to have the biggest office in the company with a printing office need not be more than eight by eight feet.

Finding the right office space for lease is a big decision, and one that needs to be well thought out in order for it to work for your company. Fortunately, there is a great deal of Florida real estate to choose from so finding just the right property when it comes to leasing commercial real estate in South Florida should be quite easy.

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Size of the Office

The first consideration needs to be the size of the office. You need to try to project a bit into the future, and ensure that the space you rent is going to be large enough for you in a few years. If you need warehouse space for lease, in addition to an office, you need to figure in the size for that as well.

Convenient Location

It is important to determine what a convenient location means to you. If can mean that the office is close to you so that you do not have a long commute. This is the ideal solution if the office is not going to be receiving clients. However, if clients will need to come to the office, you will want to make doing so as convenient and easy as possible for them. You can accomplish this by choosing commercial properties that are near other business hubs.

Budget Friendly

The amount you can budget for your professional office space is an important consideration. Be aware that you will likely pay less for office space on the outskirts of West Palm Beach then if you choose a location right in downtown.

If you work with a company that specializes in property management in South Florida, its staff can help you find the ideal office space for lease. Simply list your requirements, as well as your budget for rent, and these knowledgeable professionals can find the ideal office space.

Leasing commercial real estate requires that you remain competitive in all aspects of your office space for lease. An attractive, polished and inventive outdoor space can make or break your commercial real estate for lease, especially if you have significant competition. Take advantage of the marvelous South Florida weather by using landscaping as a marketing tactic while improving the value of the property.


Creating a Unique Outdoor Space

Outdoor furniture is one of the best ways that you can create a unique outdoor space that will allow prospective tenants to visualize themselves within the unit. Benches and tables, when placed outside, let a prospective tenant imagine themselves meeting with new hires, prospective clients or just family and friends outside of their office space. The appearance of an outdoor space will reflect upon the company that is leasing office space from you and affect their pride.

Maintain the Outdoor Space 

Once the office space has been created you will still need to maintain it. There are many companies that specialize in landscaping for commercial real estate and many of them can be hired on a contract basis for multiple properties. Unlike residential units, commercial units usually are not maintained by their tenants. Overgrown grass, but wishes and unkempt trees will quickly reduce the overall value of your commercial property.

Give it a unique feature.

A unique feature, such as a water feature, is one of the best ways to attract new tenants. A sculpture or a water feature will capture the gaze of those looking for commercial real estate. Don’t forget to add your sign in the front of the building for additional advertising.

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