Parking space can be one of the most difficult to maneuver areas when leasing commercial real estate.

vehicle storage in south florida

As a business owner, you need to balance your budget, your employee’s needs and your commercial real estate company to find the best vehicle storage solution. The need to lease parking space in South Florida may occur in a couple of different ways depending on your situation. Further, it may not always involve cars as many South Florida residents need to store boats or small watercraft such as a jet ski or Sea Doo.

Using Concessions to Secure Parking

When leasing your office space, you may be able to get vehicle storage integrated into your leasing agreement through concessions. Flex leasing may even allow you to increase and decrease the amount of vehicles you have parking on premises. Your commercial real estate leasing agent will let you know the requirements for a particular property. It is important to discuss your parking needs early on in lease negotiations because some buildings have limits regarding how many parking stalls they are allowed to give per square foot of leased space.

Finding Leased Parking in South Florida

In the case that your office space or warehouse space does not offer your required amount of parking space for vehicle storage, there are many other storage facilities that include parking space for lease. Parking space is often included as a competitive benefit in the South Florida area to attract better talent. However, it’s also not unheard of for an office to ask their employees to secure their own parking.

Leasing Parking Space for Boats and Watercraft

There are times when leasing parking space is ideal even for non-commercial reasons. Do you have a boat or other watercraft that’s taking space in your yard? Storing these bulky items within leased parking space is an excellent solution, especially if you find that you don’t seem to use these items as often as you used to. With a convenient parking space for lease, you can use your boat or watercraft when you want without having to worry about storage.

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If you are an aspiring commercial property owner that is seeking to set up a business in leasing commercial real estate in South Florida that will be viable for many years to come, you should consider enlisting the help of commercial property agents.

Commercial Property for lease in south florida

Their roles include that of the landlord, providing tenant with services, such as warehouse space for lease, property management in South Florida, valuations of property, acquisition of office space for lease and giving advice on investment and development possibilities.

Landlord & Tenant Services:

These agents offer advice that will assist in making decision on the level of rent to charge and the potential income achievable after the rent. These commercial property agents also act as arbitrators and negotiator between property owners and hopeful tenants. Tenants for South Florida real estate receive guidelines and advice that helps them to seek out worthy business property and flex space for rent for maximum utility and return of capital.

Property Management:

Any business requires an overseer to monitor the day to day events of the commercial properties. The role of such a person should be given to an individual of impeccable standards. An example of this are commercial property agents whose role can range from rent collection and accounting records on industrial properties, service charge administration on warehouse space in Miami, health and safety management issues in Fort Lauderdale, building maintenance and renovation in West Palm Beach, rent adjustment, lease renewal, and asset revaluation in warehouses in Broward County.


These agents can help business owners in valuing their properties and assets which can be in the form of partnerships agreements, acquisition of assets, disposal of assets or tax measures. Assistance in getting the best insurance coverage, handling matters of market appraisal on behave of the business owner

Leasing & Acquisition:

They help you in finding a piece of property that is tailored to your needs and help you in acquiring a lease to that property at the cheapest price available and in the shortest time.

Providing Advice on Development:

Commercial property agents can assist property holders in Broward County concerning Broward County offices for rent or warehouses for rent, landowners and private developers on numerous ways to invest or expand on existing businesses, for example setting up plantation offices for lease. Commercial property agents also explore the market and research on upcoming project and then offer advice to the business owners on new ways to make money, especially on professional office space.

Choosing your business location can be one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner. The right location can literally be what determines whether your business succeeds or goes bankrupt.

Warehouse Space for Lease in Sunrise

According to the National Commercial Real Estate Development Association, South Florida now ranks 6th nationwide in the development of commercial real estate and warehouse house space. For South Florida business owners, this means that choosing the right location to lease office space or lease warehouse space in an increasingly competitive commercial real estate market is even more important.

When choosing the location to lease your office space or lease your warehouse space, there are a number of considerations, including:

Distance to Customers

Depending on your business, it can either be a minor benefit or a necessity to be close to your customers. If your business is a traditional storefront that sells products and services, you’ll want to be as close to your customers as possible, preferably in a highly trafficked part of town. If your business doesn’t require customers to physically visit, it can still be nice for them to stop by if they have a question or concern they’d like addressed in person.

Distance to Suppliers

Having suppliers that are close by is useful for a number of reasons. In addition to receiving shipments more quickly than you would if suppliers are based on the other side of the country, local suppliers can be more responsive to your needs, and can even be paid a visit if products do not arrive on time or are of an inferior quality.

Convenience for Employees

Shortening the commute for your employees will keep them happy and more productive. When choosing a location to lease your office space, you should also consider other local amenities, such as restaurants and dry cleaners that could make the lives of your employees a little easier.

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When searching for an office space for lease in South Florida it is important to calculate the appropriate square footage. Sized too small, your company won’t be able to support growth in the coming years. Sized too large, you may be paying far too much for your office space. To avoid these issues and more you need to carefully consider your office needs.

Office Space in Sunrise

Have a Plan in Place

The standard office lease is anywhere from three to five years long. When leasing commercial office space, it’s important that you factor your three to five year plan into your office space. If you’re intending to expand drastically within the next few years, is there guaranteed room in which to do so? Or will you have to open additional offices?

Give Yourself a Buffer

Unless budgets are extremely tight, a little more space is always better than a little less. Give yourself a buffer in the event that your office equipment is a little larger than you expected or you need to hire a few additional people. In the scope of things, a few additional square feet will usually pale in comparison to the efficiency lost when you don’t have enough space for your employees.

Consider the Leasing of Flex Space

If you’re simply not certain of your office space needs, there’s another option for leasing commercial real estate that you might not be aware of. Flex space is a versatile leasing option that allows you to expand and reduce your office space as necessary. Flex space conveys with it additional benefits that go beyond mere office sizes. Businesses are also offered control of operating hours, security issues and more.

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