The way we do business is changing faster than ever before. An increasing amount of work is done online, and telecommuting is increasingly practical and common. A recent article in the Sun Sentinel said that 42 percent of South Florida workers considered telecommuting their “best perk”. However, for most businesses, leasing commercial office space is still an important part of doing business.

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As a result of the changing nature of the workforce, a number of new methods for reinventing the office have become popular recently. One example is the “Public Office Landscape” system, designed by Yves Béhar of Fuseproject and featured in a Wired Magazine article. The Public Office Landscape is based upon the premise that creativity and collaboration are the fundamental benefits to a traditional office space in today’s technologically networked world.

In order to maximize the benefit of this premise, the Public Office Landscape design reflects three major principles: The first is to encourage collaboration by putting employees working on the same project in desks that face each other and share table space. The second is to increase the ways in which employees collaborate by creating additional creative spaces to work in, including “café” style tables and open-air “social pods”. The final principle is to have office furniture that is ergonomic and flexible, allowing for multiple configurations depending on a company’s ever-changing needs.

The concept of flexible office space in South Florida is gaining traction, and one of the best ways to implement this principle is by leasing office space from a commercial real estate company that offers flex space. Genet Property Group is an experienced and professional commercial leasing company based out of South Florida that specializes in commercial flex space for businesses. If you have any questions about flex space or you would just like more information about renting office space in South Florida, call us at 954-572-9159, or visit our website.

Lighting makes a tremendous difference when leasing commercial office space in South Florida, especially more unstructured environments. There are some unique considerations when designing warehouse space for lease. Industrial space requires creativity to ensure the productivity and happiness of staff members.

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Take advantage of the natural light.

When leasing commercial office space, you’ll want to take advantage of all of the positive aspects of the property that you can. Natural light should always be emphasized and used to its fullest extent within an office space. Never block off light in an office: ensure that there is no clutter blocking the windows and that as many employees as possible can see the view. Natural lighting has proven to be a morale and productivity booster in employees, especially those that work long hours.

Balance the light correctly.

Pale blue lights tend to be depressing, while warm yellow lights bring feelings of comfort. Pale blue lights are very rare in nature, and usually only occur throughout the winter months. Warm amber colored lights are associated with good weather and enjoyment, and thus have a measurable impact on mood. Dingy halogen lights are a sure way to kill office productivity. Although most commercial office space has traditional fluorescent lighting, this can be balance by the incorporation of natural light and warm color temperatures for task lighting.

Diffuse the light throughout the office.

Another way to balance out fluorescent lighting is by utilizing the use of bright materials throughout the office. These materials don’t have to be reflective; they simply need to be lighter in color. Light panes of color, such as light cubicle dividers, will gently spread light around an office. Pastel colors such as pale blue and pale yellow will give the office more of a peaceful feeling rather than a sterile or clinical one.

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Start-ups need to operate as efficiently and productively as possible on a limited budget. After you’ve found the right commercial office space in South Florida, you will need to engage in office space planning and the intelligent acquisition of office equipment and furniture.

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Office Space Planning

Leasing commercial office space is only the beginning. Many start-ups find great success in open office plans that can be adjusted through the use of dividers and furniture. Open office plans facilitate communication, and communication is absolutely essential for start-ups. Open offices are also very cost-effective because they require very little by way of resources.

Technology and Equipment

After leasing office space, you will need to lease equipment and develop your technology infrastructure. Start-ups will often find that leased equipment is best because it allows them to acquire the items they need without having to spend a large amount upfront. Most companies will need a copier, printer, computers, servers and a phone system. Some companies may also need a point-of-sale system or at very least a credit card reader.

Setting Up Utilities

After the physical office space, the furniture and the equipment, you need to think about your utilities. Phone service and Internet service are the two major considerations you’ll have. Often, bundling your Internet service with a VOIP phone system will be the least expensive and most flexible way you can set up both these systems. However, you may also want to set up a traditional telephone system if you rely heavily on the stability of your telephone. Other monthly costs may include a hosted server and subscription-based software.

When looking for office furniture and equipment for your start-up, don’t ignore creative means. There are many things you may be able to acquire secondhand or through classified listings from other businesses that have shut down or simply don’t need them anymore. This can be a fantastic way to build your start-up without having to break your budget. If you want to learn more about leasing office space in Miami-Dade County, West-Palm Beach and Broward County contact Genet Property Group at 954-572-9159.

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma moved through South Florida, causing billions of dollars in property damage and resulting in the deaths of 26 people. Even after the storm had passed, the flooding winds resulted in a long-lasting impact on South Florida’s infrastructure, including electricity, running water, and sewage systems. In the end, over 6 million people were affected by the storm and almost $17 billion worth of damage was caused in Florida alone.

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If you are leasing commercial real estate in South Florida it is important to prepare your warehouse to prevent any damage to your business. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to prepare your industrial space from hurricane damage. These steps include:

If you are leasing warehouse space you should always try to keep inventory off the floor and on elevated shelves. This can make a huge difference in situations where there is mild to moderate flooding, which occurs more often than massive flooding.

Make sure that your insurance policy covers the damage from a hurricane or tropical storm. You should update and verify your insurance policy regularly so you know that if the worst happens, you’ll still be covered. The last thing you want is to think you are covered for damage, only to return to your business and find that the damages are not insured.

Whenever possible, you should keep information stored on remote cloud servers. By having critical business information stored in the cloud, you can minimize downtime after a storm, and keep the risk of permanently losing digitally stored data to a minimum.

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