Unlike some other retail establishments, a repair shop for cars or small water craft has some very specific needs when it comes to leasing commercial real estate in South Florida. For example, many such shops will need to lease a warehouse with office space. When scouting out commercial properties, space issues and ample electrical options are key points that should be noted.

Warehouse space in Miami

Clearance Issues

For boat and auto technicians, ensuring that the ceilings are high enough and the garage doors are wide enough to accommodate large vehicles and boats when searching for warehouse space for lease is crucial. For example, you want to keep your options open when it comes to the size of the boats you are able to work on. One way of doing so is by ensuring that you have ample ceiling height to handle watercraft up to the largest yacht.

Ample Parking Space

With a focus on providing repair services for boats and autos comes the necessity for a great deal of parking. Not only will you need an area in which your customers can drive up, park their vehicles and turn around comfortably, you also need enough room to queue up the vehicles that have already been serviced.

Meeting Power Needs

Large engines require a great deal of power to fix as well as to test. Ensuing that the building is already wired with a three phase electric panel when leasing warehouse space enables you to move right in, set up shop and start providing services to your customers, reducing any down time you might experience.

Many people live in South Florida so that they can enjoy the water on their beloved boats and cruising the miles of coastline in their cars. Genet Property Group will work with you to find the right commercial warehouse space for lease so you can provide repair and testing services to keep all vehicles in top working order. Contact us at 954-572-9159 and tap into our expertise in the South Florida real estate market to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for commercial real estate for lease, you couldn’t choose a better location than South Florida. The three main counties in the area are all thriving, with strong economies, lots of residents, beautiful weather, and plenty of opportunities for business growth. There’s lots of office space for lease at reasonable prices, too. Here are some facts about the counties in South Florida that show the particular attractions of each and what makes each one a perfect place for leasing commercial real estate.


1. Miami-Dade County

Including the city of Miami, this southernmost county on mainland Florida has a lot to offer everyone. The home of the University of Miami and Florida International University, it is the third largest county in Florida. It boasts a booming economy, and is the world headquarters of such businesses as AT&T, Carnival Cruise Lines, American Airlines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Intradeco Holdings, and Burger King. It’s also the home to the Latin American headquarters of pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca.

2. Broward County

Located right above Miami-Dade County, it is the second most populous county in the state. It’s famous for its beaches, including the one at the county seat of Ft. Lauderdale. It’s the home of Silver Airways and Locair. As far as retail goes, it boasts the large and popular Sawgrass Mills shopping mall. It’s also the home of the largest indoor flea market in the United States and is a popular destination for scuba divers, with plenty of scuba-related businesses.

3. Palm Beach County

Located directly above Broward County, it’s the third most populous county in Florida and the location of the world-famous city of West Palm Beach. It’s the home of Florida Atlantic University and Palm Beach State College. Celebration Cruise Lines uses the Port of Palm Beach to launch its two-day cruises to the Bahamas. It is also the home of several large shopping malls, giving the county a thriving retail economy.

As you can see, South Florida is the perfect place for your business. At Genet Property Group, we’re here to help you find that perfect place. We specialize in leasing office space, leasing warehouse space and commercial property management. If you have any questions about this or want to look at properties for rent in the area, please call us at 954-572-9159. We are professional, experienced, and eager to help you find your ideal commercial space.

Leasing warehouse space in South Florida is essential to many different industries. Doing so can help your business reach the next level of success and help you meet your goals. Before choosing which warehouse space will work best for your needs, however, there are a few questions to keep in mind.

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Will You be Storing Inventory?

In most cases, if you will be storing inventory, you will need to consider leasing commercial real estate that meets those needs. For inventory that needs strict temperature controls, you will need to ensure that your warehouse space accommodates them. The most common examples of this are refrigerated and freezer units. However, given the scorching Florida heat and humidity, you might want to consider leasing a climate controlled warehouse even for those items that you might not originally consider.

What Are Your Office Needs for your Warehouse?

If you need access to an office, you will need to look at several different aspects to help you narrow down which commercial real estate property best meets your needs. Consider leasing a warehouse that already has an office. This approach works particularly well for those businesses that have only a small employee base at that office. For more employees, you will need to look for a space that offers a larger office space, or the ability to customize your South Florida warehouse space to meet your needs. If customers will be visiting your warehouse, you will want it to be spacious enough so they can have an area to sit and wait, if needed.


Whether you are keeping thousands of dollars of inventory at the warehouse, or simply a computer or two, security should be considered. Most warehouse space in South Florida will require you to provide your own security equipment and/or surveillance as you are ultimately the one responsible for your warehouse space.


Another possibility to consider is if you want, or need, access to the facility 24 hours a day or just during regular business hours. Each industry varies in the different requirements that a warehouse space needs to be accessed and it is important that you match up those requirements when leasing warehouse space in South Florida.

For any questions you might have about commercial flex space and leasing options, Genet Property Group is ready to help. Contact our professional staff at 954-572-9159. We are experienced and eager to help you find the right leasing opportunity for your needs.