The past few years have been difficult for the American economy. After the 2008 financial crisis and real estate crash, business owners and home owners went through an extended period of time in which there was a great deal of uncertainty about how long it would take for the economy to recover and how long it would take for real estate prices to rebound.

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Fortunately, the economy has begun slowly picking up nationwide over the past year or two, and South Florida is one of the economic hotspots in the United States. Nationally, economic growth in metropolitan areas was about 2.5% last year. However, in the tri-county area of Metropolitan South Florida, economic growth has been 3.5%. According to a recent report in the Miami Herald, commercial real estate has been the most significant factor in South Florida’s impressive economic growth. The real estate sector has accounted for over 30% of the total economic growth in South Florida, with commercial real estate for office space and warehouse house space accounting for a major portion of that 30%.

Most economic and real estate experts agree that this trend is likely to continue, and South Florida should enjoy continued economic prosperity for years to come. That makes this the perfect time for new and existing businesses to lease office space. When considering a commercial real estate lease, it is important to speak with a reputable and knowledgeable company that will be able to give you honest and insightful advice on the inner workings of the South Florida commercial real estate market.

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Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui, it is undeniably true that the layout of an office can affect productivity. It is very important for you to design your office space in South Florida in a way that is pleasing to the eye and the mind. When trying to design your office space for lease you should always take a look at the layout and question how it will affect employees. A happy employee is always a more productive employee.

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Natural light and a view outside is a natural motivator and productivity stimulator. The lovely South Florida weather should never be taken for granted in your commercial properties. To ensure that your commercial real estate lease takes advantage of this, consider an open floor plan. An open floor plan allows employees to enjoy natural light equally. It also fosters communication and team building as no employees will be left out.

Studies have shown that clutter leads to procrastination, confusion and general malaise. When you have completed leasing office space, the first thing you should do is impress upon your employees the importance of keeping a clean and uncluttered work space. If at all possible, administrative personnel should be assigned specific tasks.

Ambient lighting, also known as natural lighting, can complement the traditional fluorescent lighting found in most office space in South Florida. Utilizing some of the new compact fluorescent bulbs can imitate natural lighting alongside traditional bar lighting. Traditional office lighting often works best when there is a balance of the two types of illumination. Designing an effective and calming atmosphere for your employees can improve morale and increase productivity for you and your employees.

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When searching for an office space for lease in South Florida it is important to calculate the appropriate square footage. Sized too small, your company won’t be able to support growth in the coming years. Sized too large, you may be paying far too much for your office space. To avoid these issues and more you need to carefully consider your office needs.

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Have a Plan in Place

The standard office lease is anywhere from three to five years long. When leasing commercial office space, it’s important that you factor your three to five year plan into your office space. If you’re intending to expand drastically within the next few years, is there guaranteed room in which to do so? Or will you have to open additional offices?

Give Yourself a Buffer

Unless budgets are extremely tight, a little more space is always better than a little less. Give yourself a buffer in the event that your office equipment is a little larger than you expected or you need to hire a few additional people. In the scope of things, a few additional square feet will usually pale in comparison to the efficiency lost when you don’t have enough space for your employees.

Consider the Leasing of Flex Space

If you’re simply not certain of your office space needs, there’s another option for leasing commercial real estate that you might not be aware of. Flex space is a versatile leasing option that allows you to expand and reduce your office space as necessary. Flex space conveys with it additional benefits that go beyond mere office sizes. Businesses are also offered control of operating hours, security issues and more.

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