While leasing commercial warehouse space, it is imperative that you have a surveillance system in place in order to prevent against vandalism and theft. Security cameras for warehouse space can help you to keep your assets secure during working and non-working hours. In fact, you can even view your property while on vacation or out of town. By securing your property with the proper surveillance system, your Genet Property Group lease will retain its value for years to come.

Keeping Your Commercial Space Safe

In order to keep your commercial space safe from burglars and vandals, you can install bullet style cameras around the perimeter of your property. This allows you to not only view what happens, but to also warn potential criminals that your property is under constant surveillance.

Infrared night vision cameras are also ideal. These cameras are able to record perfectly during the nighttime in order to give you footage at all hours of the day. When you own a commercial space for lease, you need to ensure that your property is under surveillance at all times, and night vision cameras will help you to do just that.

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Taking the time to find the right commercial space in Delray Beach for your business is very important. Where you are located will have a big bearing on your company’s success, as the business location will either bring in or deter potential customers. Following are three practical points to keep in mind when choosing commercial space for rent or lease.


Choose the type of business space that would best suit your needs. Manufacturers, publication companies and online retailers, for instance, would do best to rent a warehouse space with one or two side offices. On the other hand, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and realtors will simply need a good looking office in a suitable part of town. Flex space is naturally ideal for mechanics, body shops and car washes.

Electrical Requirements

A business that needs to run a lot of electrical appliances on a regular basis should make sure the commercial space for lease has the ability to handle the appliances in question. If you live in an area that gets very cold in the winter and/or very hot in the summer, then also consider your heating and air conditioning usage and make sure that you will be able to maintain a proper temperature.

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Businesses that need to lease space and anticipate that the size of their business may change during the course of the lease often consider leasing a flex space.Flex space is usually commercial space for lease found in buildings zoned for light industrial use.

During the 1970s, it was not unusual for industrial building to locate their loading docks in the front of the building. Many times, employees and visitors had to weave through the trucks in order to enter the building. These commercial buildings were very unsightly and the following decade saw high demand for more office space and far better looking industrial building. Architects and developers moved the loading docks to the back of the structures, added much needed parking and high ceilings.

Companies like flex space as it can be used for multiple purposes. Inventory, office space, and light production can all share flex space in a commercial building. Other uses of flex space include showrooms, laboratories, retail space, or even an area for assembly and shipping.

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Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to locate commercial space for lease that has the best combination of office space and production or storage areas. There are two primary types of commercial property — office space and warehouse space — although, within those two general categories, there are innumerable variations in size, amenities and locations.

Office Suites

If a business provides services, such as accounting, consulting and legal services, choosing office space for rent in a convenient location with 24-hour security and documentation storage is the best choice. Real estate agents, for example, generally are open for business during set times and days; 24/7 access is not a necessity in most cases.

Air conditioning, utility service and adequate customer parking are priorities for people seeking office space for their business. In addition, built in lighting and individual offices or cubicles those provide privacy are key elements.

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